Requirements And Dosage Of Iron Oxide Pigments In Ceramic Industry

September 22 16:26 2023

The ceramic industry’s requirements and dosages for iron oxide pigments vary depending on the specific application and needs.

In general, here are some common requirements and dosage considerations: Color stability: Iron oxide pigments should have good color stability and not be affected by firing temperature and environment. The color should not change at high temperatures to ensure the color quality of the finished ceramics. Color saturation and transparency: Iron oxide pigments should provide bright colors with a certain degree of transparency to meet the needs of ceramic product design and decoration.

Wear resistance and high temperature resistance: Iron oxide pigments should have wear resistance and high temperature resistance to ensure that the color will not fade or deteriorate during the firing process and during use. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly: Iron oxide pigments should comply with environmental protection requirements and contain no harmful substances to ensure the safety and hygiene of finished ceramics. As for the dosage, it needs to be adjusted according to the design and requirements of the product.

The common method is to adjust through experimentation and practical application to achieve the ideal color effect and uniform distribution. Generally speaking, the dosage will vary according to the depth, saturation and transparency requirements of the color, and needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation.

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