From Bermuda to the World: Elite Soccer Trainer Leo Burgess Takes His Services Worldwide

March 13 23:33 2023

Bermuda-based individual player development specialist Leo Burgess, founder of LB Football Academy, is looking to expand his international presence by hosting training camps in various cities or traveling to work with players directly. Young players can practice their ball mastery and tactical gameplay in the academy. Burgess’s passion for football and youth development comes from his journey to become a professional player. He uses his experiences to inspire and prepare players for life’s ups and downs.

The man who started LB Football Academy, Leo Burgess, aims to spread his enthusiasm for the growth of individual players on a global scale, and he has a dream to make that dream come true. He is extending an invitation to members of soccer communities worldwide, asking them to collaborate with him in running training camps and instructing players one-on-one.

Leo’s soccer passion began at a young age, but it wasn’t until he abandoned his dream of becoming a professional player that he found his true calling as a coach. Participating in personal development seminars, books, mentoring calls, and life coaching sessions helped him realize that his two greatest passions were soccer and inspiring young people.

With just a cell phone camera, a few cones, and a few soccer balls, Leo established LB Football Academy in Bermuda in 2019. The academy has rapidly expanded since that time, adding four junior coaches, an administrator, and many devoted students and parents. Leo wants the academy to be a place where athletes can hone their skills independently, free from the constraints of team competition.

Through Leo’s renowned ball mastery and tactical gameplay strategies, players at the Bermuda Football Academy learn the fundamentals of the sport. Players will always have fun while honing their skills thanks to the academy’s system, which is created to guarantee this. Leo thinks that teaching young people valuable life lessons through soccer goes beyond the realm of simple entertainment.

Leo’s emphasis on the development of every player individually has led to his distinctive coaching approach, which strongly emphasizes both physical and mental preparation. Young players should benefit from his guidance to play with greater acuity, strength, speed, and accuracy. Leo makes it a point to see that every kid attending his training sessions leaves with a smile and sweat on their forehead.

Leo is now ready to share his coaching philosophy with the rest of the world. He is seeking international partners in various cities to come and host training camps, and he is willing to travel to other cities to work directly with players. Leo is confident that the Global Soccer Coaches community can assist him in reaching his goal of promoting individual player development globally.

Leo Burgess, the founder of LB Football Academy, is an expert in individual player development. He is passionate about assisting young people in mastering their craft and achieving their goals. Leo’s experiences have taught him the value of personal development, and he brings this knowledge to every training session.

Leo’s vision for the academy is to build a safe environment where young aspiring athletes can grow tactically, mentally, and technically. His method strongly emphasizes the value of enjoyment, effort, and personal development. Leo works hard to instill these values in each child who participates in his training sessions because he believes that soccer is a game that teaches significant life lessons. 

Leo is positioned to significantly impact soccer on a global scale because of his love of the game and dedication to the personal growth of each player. Leo invites soccer communities worldwide to join him in supporting individual player development and encouraging young people to realize their full potential as he works to increase his visibility on the international stage.

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