ZTE CLOUD Transport Solution Serve the 5G Digital Transformation

January 18 14:06 2023

ZTE Corporation, a world-famous provider of advanced communication and information technology solutions, solely hold 2022 5G Summit & User Congress in Stresa, Italy. At the event, professionals shared their insights into industry development and the latest technological innovation. The representative from ZTE also shared the viewpoint of transport network, giving a keynote speech with a theme of “integrated smart CLOUD transport network to serve the new digital era.”

According to ZTE, 5G digital transformation of the industry are unstoppable and has become a global trend. The constant growth of the digital economy raises massive data as well as a fast increase in network traffic. Therefore, diversified Service Level Agreements (SLA) are necessary for the pervasive connection of 5G and enhanced cloud services. Additionally, users’ expectations for service response timeliness and network quality are rising. 

Nowadays, the new era requires a revolutionary O&M mode, and telecom services are stepping into a brand-new blue ocean. Therefore, the transport networks, serving as the foundation of the communications network, need to achieve full-service connections and overcome a series of challenges like determinacy, large bandwidth, programmability, intelligentization, and smooth evolution.

ZTE has introduced CLOUD Transport solution. The solution offers a smart architecture with hierarchical disaggregation in which the network layer, management & control layer, and service layer are planned individually. Thanks to a variety of cutting-edge technologies, this solution supports five key capabilities: “CLOUD” respectively refers to cooperative, lite, omni, ultra and deterministic, in order to satisfy the needs of future network architecture.

Firstly, the network layer, which provides the service layer with standard components to deploy Connection as Service (CaaS), first focus on fundamental network features, including determinacy, energy saving, and ultra-large bandwidth. The research and consulting firm Omdia predict that in five years, 400G ports’ deployment scale will increase 20-fold, and 400G will overtake other technologies as the new technological standard for network interconnection and high-speed cloud.

Nowadays, ZTE Corporation, as a pioneer in developing the 5G innovation, has its 400G technology maturing. With the support of its 400G Fabric data centre, its backbone network core routers can meet the demands of the inter-cloud, intra-cloud, and high-speed interconnection. Furthermore, ZTE has completed the first 400G quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK) prototype test in collaboration with China Mobile, as well as ultra-high-speed transmission of more than 3,038km, demonstrating 400G QPSK’s outstanding performance in long-distance transmissions on optical fibre backbone network.

Secondly, in order to deploy NaaS (Network as a Service), the service layer concentrates on the network’s programmability and serviceability. It constructs elastic and agile network connections based on the distinct needs of ToB, ToC, and ToH services. 

ZTE supports the innovative EVPN/SRv6/BIERin6/iFlow technologies. As the end-to-end programmability matures, the network can deploy value-added network services, fast service connections, and fast network perception. The SRv6 programmable interface can be regarded as an important part of developing a service-based network, and has the potential to significantly increase network resource scheduling efficiency. ZTE has collaborated with Telekom Malaysia (TM) to construct the next-generation backbone IP networks, contributing to the development of digital transformation in the 5G era.

Finally, the main focus of the management and control layer is user experiences. To achieve EaaS (Experience as a Service), it converts user intentions into network language. It then interconnects the network layer with the service layer, finally building a service-based network that can autonomously evolve via intelligent perception and adjustment. 

ZTE’s Athena management and control solution supports AI-based autonomous networks. ZTE supplies AI forecast-based 5G network devices to accomplish dynamic energy savings in China Mobile’s SPN network, significantly decreasing network power consumption while assuring service security, with an average power saving efficiency of 15.28%.

Moreover, ZTE Corporation, with its excellent iFlow solution, won the Best Test and Measurement Technology Award at 5G World 2020. ZTE, together with China Unicom, earned the Best Network Intelligence Award at the 2019 Broadband World Forum (BBWF) by virtue of its Intelligent Configuration Check built on Role Fingerprint, which solution wins high praise from the industry. 

Being value-oriented, ZTE Corporation focuses on the revolutionary 5G cloud and network technology, and offers all cloud transport products and solutions. For instance, in the field of optical networks, its Real 400G solution can provide strong transport capabilities for the digital era. With the advancement of three noteworthy technologies, it can enhance the transmission distance by even more than 60% in comparison to the industry average, making it the ideal option for the backbone optical network.

For the IP network field, putting the focus on programmability and large capacity, ZTE has deployed the continuously upgrading 400G ultra-broadband interface and continually improved programmability and serviceability. And taking advantage of that deployment, ZTE has made great progress in building new intelligent and digital communication infrastructure for network and cloud integration. Furthermore, ZTE has been investing in in-house core chipsets to assure the safe delivery of long-term serviceability and transport products.

With over 20 years of experience, ZTE Corporation has made significant gains in the worldwide market of 5G transport network solutions and products, by virtue of its outstanding technological strength. In the years ahead, ZTE will continue to focus on 5G technology advances and innovations, as well as positively collaborate with its partners to create a win-win future. 

Moreover, ZTE will also continuously contribute to pushing 5G technical frontiers, facilitating the industry’s digital transition, and collaborating with worldwide partners to fuel the new digital era, creating a connection and improving experiences to build the ecosystem.

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