How Katarina Butterfield Is Transforming Women’s Lives Around The World

January 06 22:33 2023

Katarina is an NLP and Hypnotherapy Trainer with an extensive list of clients whose lives she has helped change with things such as: quitting smoking, weight loss, anxiety, improved self-confidence and much more.

Katarina began her journey in the self-development space after her divorce. The divorce had left her financially, mentally, and spiritually devastated. Once Katarina went through her own healing process, she was poached by a competitive company (within the industry) and was paid $30k above her current wage; another bonus was that it was a more family friendly company. Other things started to change in her life as well. Such as finding her dream home on the market while the bank was foreclosing from the previous owners. She was also able to find love again. With someone who was supportive, inspiring and an amazing step-dad to her children. From learning how to rebuild her life, she has now gone on to wanting to help other women do the same.

Her mission and values are: Helping women become rich and financially free with mindset and manifesting. Using trust, love and a strong guiding hand to help them break through to what they are destined for.

Amongst building her coaching business, she also has 2 boys, 2 dogs, is a cabinetmaker by trade and is a 1/3 Reflector in Human Design.

She has had a successful career as a Sales Representative in the kitchen manufacturing industry and is now helping businesses teach their sales staff the art of selling. As well as helping clients in an exclusive environment or group sessions.

She offers online coaching, self-paced courses or you may book in to see her in her Sydney (Australia) office.

Currently she is offering a Free Hypnotherapy Gastric Band Course (for a limited time). 

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