Personal Injury Lawyers From Mike Morse Law Firm Have Helped Thousands of Clients in Michigan Gain Fair Compensation for Injuries

November 22 00:27 2022
Mike Morse Injury Law represents victims of vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, birth injuries, premises liability, pedestrian accidents, etc. It navigates the legal and insurance processes so the client can focus on recovering peacefully. The law firm offers a free case review.

According to announcements released by Mike Morse Injury Law Firm, its personal injury lawyers include some of the most respected names in the field of personal injury law in Michigan. This law firm is the biggest personal injury law firm in Michigan. It has obtained settlements worth more than $1 billion for clients injured in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice cases, etc.

Apart from the economic damages that include medical expenses and wages lost, victims are often eligible for non-economic damages that insurance companies loath to pay. These can contribute significantly to funds much needed by an injured person.

Mike Morse performs all the necessary due diligence, such as gathering and studying medical records, to give clients the best chance of winning non-economic damages. Mike Morse knows how to quickly gather relevant evidence and witness testimonies to ascertain liability in a manner that the insurance companies must agree with.

Injury victims are usually unaware of the laws that govern the legal and insurance proceedings concerning their injuries. Insurance companies try to take advantage of this ignorance. Without proper legal counsel, it is possible that an injured claimant may not be able to comply with the statute of limitations and miss the opportunity to get any settlement. The personal injury attorneys at Mike Morse handle all the legal and documentation work related to a personal injury case, giving the client the opportunity to recover and recuperate. 

Mike Morse recommends contacting a doctor and then a law firm even after a minor personal injury event because injury symptoms can manifest over time. Also, the other party may file a false claim. A good lawyer can guide an injured client on the best action in such situations. 

Mike Morse Injury Law Firm said, “Following the death of a loved one, a Michigan court will appoint a personal representative of the deceased person’s estate. This personal representative is a fiduciary responsible for controlling and managing all assets that belong solely to the deceased person — until those assets can be distributed to the decedent’s beneficiaries. In addition to those duties, the personal representative is the only individual who can file a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased. So, functionally, the personal representative will take the deceased’s place and represent their estate in any wrongful death lawsuits.

The personal representative can be anyone. However, typically, the personal representative of an estate is an individual named in the deceased person’s will. Usually, a spouse, parent, or adult child of the dead will be designated as the personal representative of the estate. The best way is for the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate to call a licensed personal injury attorney to assess the case and begin the pre-suit and filing process.

Because Michigan has defined time limits for filing many lawsuits, we suggest you start the process as quickly as possible following the victim’s death. Additionally, some claims have an initial notice requirement. The period to notice the government can be as short as a month or two after the incident, so it is crucial to contact an attorney as soon as possible following the wrongful death of a loved one.”

About the Firm:

The team of dedicated legal professionals at Mike Morse Injury Law Firm has earned more than 2,500 positive reviews online. It navigates the complex legal and insurance processes on behalf of its clients. The attorneys strive to provide engaged representation for fair compensation to injured clients.

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