Shulman & Hill Personal Injury Attorneys Champion Workers’ Rights

November 21 14:09 2022
Shulman & Hill Personal Injury Attorneys have one goal—to get workers the respect they deserve. And achieving that means recovering settlement claims on their client’s behalf. To them, it’s the results that matter. To date, the firm has helped thousands of New Yorkers get fair settlements.

From personal injury and worker’s compensation to civil rights, Shulman & Hill personal injury attorneys are ever ready to champion the rights of those in vulnerable positions. The law firm provides legal counseling, support, and free case consultation services to New Yorkers who suffer from personal injury, recovering more than $250 million in compensation.

According to the CDC, 97.9 million people visit an emergency room in the United States annually for unforeseen injuries—some of these injuries occur outside their control. Accidents can occur anytime, anywhere. Without proper legal counsel, the chances of obtaining financial compensation are significantly compromised. This is why Shulman & Hill has taken up the cause to champion the most vulnerable groups in the Brooklyn area. 

To uphold their principles, a dedicated Civil Rights Division comprised of experts working on wrongful arrests or malicious prosecution cases. They made the front-page news in the New York Law Journal for some notable cases. One such successful case that it set a legal precedent for being the first case to be heard in the Supreme Court against the NYPD in 40 years. 

Client-attorney relationships are important, which is why personal injury attorneys interview prospective clients and evaluate cases to understand the basic facts of the potential legal claims one may make. Let the Shulman & Hill injury lawyers help you. 

A personal injury lawyer provides expert legal services to individuals who claim to have been injured or harmed physically or psychologically due to the negligence of a business, company, government agency, person, or any other entity. Some examples of common personal injury claims include but are not limited to injuries caused by slips, falls, and other accidents, traffic collisions, school or workplace injuries, defective products, and professional malpractice. As an example, Shulman & Hill attorneys worked diligently to obtain a $1,000,000 settlement for one of their clients, a hard-working laborer injured on the job. 

The Defendants had allowed a grinder on the construction site location that wasn’t equipped with a safety guard for the grinder wheel. As a result, the client sustained injuries to his left hand, right shoulder, and lower back. The lack of a safety guard directly violated the New York State Labor Law 241(6).

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Life can become difficult for an injured individual and family after an accident, especially if a person must take time off from work to recover from sustained injuries. Living expenses and medical bills can begin to pile up fast, making it hard to put food on the table. Speaking to a personal injury lawyer can help accident victims, and their families recover some of the financial stability and security lost or jeopardized by an unforeseen accident or event. An inability to afford top-tier legal representation impacts everyday working people. Shulman & Hill injury lawyers work on a contingency-fee-basis to ensure fair, equal access to justice. This means a vulnerable client pays no attorney’s fees unless the firm achieves a verdict or settlement in that case. Shulman & Hill stands by its word — “Get the respect you deserve. The results that matter.”

About the Firm:

Shulman & Hill and its team of personal injury attorneys have a proven track record of serving those in vulnerable positions. To this intrepid band of lawyers, it is an honor to serve in the pursuit of justice. The firm provides free consultation to those seeking workplace-related and personal injury compensation.

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