Effortless Scale Uncovers a New Method to Help Coaches & Service Providers Make The Shift From Solopreneur To Productized Business Owner

November 18 21:39 2022
Sell While You Sleep enables coaches, consultants, freelancers, and course creators to get paid to acquire new customers everyday using micro offers

Being an online coach, consultant, freelancer, or course creator often entails working more than 60 hours a week, constantly chasing clients, and launching several ads just to stand out and make a sale.

Even though many have been “sold the dream”, the reality is very different.

This type of approach can lead to burnout and overwhelm.

Luckily, Effortless Scale offers a better solution.

Their new Sell While You Sleep program enables digital entrepreneurs to transform the way they do business so they can get paid to acquire new clients everyday without having to use complicated funnels or spend hours posting “value bombs” on social media.

“The Sell While You Sleep framework has been responsible for helping business owners add over 10,000 new buyers to their tribes, while effortlessly cherry-picking dream clients” – Says Zac Hansen, the Founder of Effortless Scale.

Our new $11.90 program offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide demonstrating how to leverage micro-offers and paid ads to get paid to acquire new customer every single day that turn into premium clients.

Micro Offers act as a perfect “first step” for a potential prospect to get to know you, and understand how you work.

We’ve found that people that go through our clients micro-offers are already pre-sold on working with them before they even have a sales call.

By using the “15 Minute Ascension Process”, you can effortlessly ascend buyers into your memberships and premium programs without long sales calls.

These approaches eliminate the need to cold call unqualified prospects, allowing entrepreneurs to focus their time and energy on growing their businesses.

They’ll have more freedom to do things they love, knowing they have a successful, thriving business running on autopilot.

Through their new program, entrepreneurs gain access to an effortless lead generation system that consistently adds new buyers to their funnels and generates cash flow.

Best of all, you can rapidly scale micro offers to $30k a month.

And when you follow their advertising framework, it takes only 1-2 hours a week of maintenance to run the entire funnel.

Since its launch, Sell While You Sleep has helped almost a thousand entrepreneurs achieve their breakthrough and grow their struggling practice into a profitable 6-figure business.

It comes highly recommended by coaches, course creators, and other entrepreneurs whose lives and careers were transformed through the program.

Some have even said “this course is better than programs I’ve paid thousands for!”

Sell While You Sleep includes proven systems, templates, step-by-step guides, content-rich modules, and hundreds of practical tips gained from years of industry success.

At just $11.90, the program is designed to help brand new entrepreneurs as well as seasoned vets build their own semi passive income funnels.

Find more information Sell While You Sleep here: https://sellwhileyousleep.com/

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