BlocVault – Taking Defi to the Next Level

November 18 14:14 2022

Blocvault is taking DEFI to the Next Level with the launch of their triple vault passive income stream, becoming a first of its kind in the industry. Each vault provides a unique passive income stream perfectly integrated into a single token dubbed BlocVest. One popular vault called Trickle is capable of paying out a 0.5% daily passive income, and when taking advantage of their exclusive NFT boosters, a lucky few may end up with an additional 1% daily.  The other two vaults are a much longer-term company investment with fantastic passive income options available either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Visit to learn all about BlocVault’s high-yield financial products and continue reading to learn about their complete Financial Eco-System.

The launch of BlocVest gives the world a sneak peek of what’s in store for this extensive Ecosystem still in its beginning stages.  BlocVest currently stands at $250K (TVL) with a MarketCap of 500K, and BlocVault is at a market low of 65K, down from its high of 750K.  Every day the doxxed BlocVault team, with its flourishing community, shows the kind of commitment typically only seen from high-caliber, financially backed organizations.  Their steadfast commitment to excellence will ultimately transform the project into a comprehensive financial ecosystem with tremendous value and powerful utility that simplify lives and solve real-world financial problems. 

With BlocVault’s launch ofBlocVest, people often ask, “What’s next in the EcoSystem?  How will you compete with a product that delivers a viable simplistic approach to financial freedom?”   BlocVault’s CMO David responds, “Our only desire is to provide the world a powerful and secure Financial EcoSystem that is simple, effective, and complete.”  That’s why our development team is genuinely excited to announce the latest innovation of the BlocVault EcoSystem, branded BlocLaunch.

BlocLaunch encourages seasoned entrepreneurs, developers, and even those just starting to follow their dream of launching a tokenized business. Users can take advantage of a platform full of DEFI tools, all available to help them raise the capital required during the project’s critical early stages. With #TheBloc’s rigorous vetting process, secure platform, and excited community, it’s expected that many excellent projects will begin their journey here.  Projects vetted by the upcoming IDO will receive an important rating that labels them from “Degen” to “Delight”, which will be directly proportional to the amount of marketing & development services offered and the total amount of liquidity a project can raise. Those marketing and development services will shine a bright light on all outstanding projects and ensure the entire Defi community is aware of their impending launch.  Those services include contract audits, project reviews, AMAs, call groups, social media posts, advertising, success stories, consultancy, and more.

As the adoption of the brand and EcoSystem pick up steam, utilities will become more known, and they expect massive growth from BlocVault $BLVT and BlocVest $BVST Token.  They continue striving toward transforming the space and delivering speedy, simple, secure, and succinct services to the masses. The EcoSystem’s sincere commitment to its community will hold every project accountable for its actions and prosecute any suspected rug pulls, chart manipulation or scam. The EcoSystem continues to promise its users and community the NEXT. LEVEL. DEFI.

BlocVault began as a crypto company providing a Defi ecosystem built around simplicity and available to everyone.  #THEBLOC EcoSystem appears to be slowly transforming into a full-service DEX, complete with swap, variable vaults,  yield farming, crypto ramps, and plenty more services for the world.   Product by product, that dream comes alive as BlocVault reimagines a modern-day decentralized exchange equipped with the latest in cutting-edge crypto technologies and packed with powerful financial products serving everyday people in unique positions across the globe.

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