Gifted Electronic music group, Horizonte Lie announces the release of new album, ‘Reciclaje [Remastered Edition]’

October 04 01:24 2022

Electronic music group, Horizonte Lied is elated to announce the release of its latest album, ‘Reciclaje [Remastered Edition],’ a semi-conceptual album that plays with the concept of “Recycling” music and sounds to obtain something new.

Horizonte Lied, signed to independent record label SynthpopYourWorld Records, notes that the new album is also very accurate to its major project, “Final Remasters” (which consists of remastering and updating the band’s whole body of work since 1993). It also kicks it off in a more serious way.

Horizonte Lied comprises three members (all composers): Alex Ezert is the Main Producer, second vocals, synths, and percussions. Bernardo Garza is on synths and percussions, while Jesus Logar is the lead vocals, synths, and percussions. The group started making music casually when they were young and classroom friends. They were inspired and influenced by Depeche Mode in particular, but later other great bands like Nine Inch Nails, Clan of Xymox, Soda Stereo, Simple Minds, Duran Duran, and others.

Despite their obvious talent, the three young members of Horizonte Lied had to contend with many limitations, especially regarding equipment. The group had to make do with what they had to make music. ”This made most of our initial demos sound very rough, and with the sound limitations any home synthesizer had at the time,

we sometimes managed to get decent results with guitar pedals and other tricks, but there weren’t any computers or the easy access we have nowadays with DAWs or software synths,” said Alex Ezert.

Horizonte Lied notes that their interest in the Electronic/Synthpop genre was fuelled by the unlimited soundscapes one can create since a lot of it is based on real samples, and the manipulation one can have with them once loaded in a sampler. The tonality and versatility of sounds a synthesizer can produce were also major influential factors, according to Alex.

The three members of Horizonte Lied recently revealed they have different role models, but collectively, they always agree that Depeche Mode is their main role model, musically speaking. Alan Wilder and Trent Reznor come very close. The group also noted that they’d love to collaborate with any artist from the FIXT label.

”It’s worth mentioning that we collaborated with Clan of Xymox (considered a very respected and influential band globally in the darkwave/gothic genre) back in 2002; we opened their concert in Guadalajara, Jalisco. We have always considered that event an exceptional achievement in our music career”, said Alex.

Horizonte Lied is not resting on its laurels yet. The band will continue with their current project, “Remasters Finales” or “Final Remasters,” in what’s left of this year and probably all of 2023. ”We want to give each release at least a month to promote them; after this big project ends, we already have plans to release a completely new album with all new music.”

Horizonte Lied have been in the music industry for decades and have gained invaluable insights into the workings of the industry. ”The industry is challenging and very rigged (we mean by this payola/gatekeeping and similar practices by major record labels),

independent artists like us have a very tough chance of getting the opportunities to at least get heard, but at the same time, we have the freedom to do it.” said Alex.

Continuing, Alex said: “We have the tools, the modern platforms offer to self promote, this also creates another problem: market saturation. Nowadays, the number of bands self-promoting is immense, but at the end of the day, if we enjoy what we do, it’s the most important thing. The ones that come along enjoying our ride are a blessing, and we are always very thankful for that; at the end of the day, it’s all about endurance, passion, and believing in yourself (and a lot of hard work).”

To listen to the fascinating Reciclaje [Remastered Edition], check out Horizonte Lied’s page on Spotify.

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