Vedicshala States Ayurveda Helped Control More Than 500 Cases of Diabetes

September 23 09:04 2022
Vedicshala States Ayurveda Helped Control More Than 500 Cases of Diabetes
Photo: Vaidya. Gayatri Kulkarni Pandav (25+ Years Experience)

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Vedicshala claims 500 plus cases of diabetes were controlled with ayurvedic treatment by Vaidya. Gayatri Kulkarni Pandav.

Vedicshala, the most trusted online Ayurvedic resource for everything related to Ayurveda, has stated that over 500 patients with diabetes in the United States could control their condition better with Ayurveda. According to the CDC or Centers for Disease Control, diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate in the US, with the number of cases reaching an estimated 34.2 million.

“There is documented proof that diabetes can be controlled using Ayurvedic treatment, says the C.E.O of Vedicshala, Bhavna Bandari. “Ayurveda is gaining acceptance as a diabetes management treatment across the USA. Many patients are turning to Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes as it helps deliver real results.”

According to Vaidya. Gayatri Kulkarni Pandav, a globally renowned Ayurvedic doctor for diabetes with more than 25 years of experience, Prameha (diabetes) is a syndrome described in the ancient Ayurvedic texts. The texts also identify clinical conditions involved in obesity, prediabetes, diabetes mellitus, and metabolic syndrome.

Obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes mellitus are increasing in epidemic proportions globally. While there are many ways available to treat the condition, Ayurveda offers the best solution. There is a 90 percent success rate in Ayurvedic healing for diabetes.

Integrating the theory and modalities of Ayurveda in the management of these disorders may prove to be beneficial.

According to Vaidya Gayatri Kulkarni Pandav, there are 20 subtypes of Prameha. They happen due to the interaction of the three Doshas and 10 Dushyas, described as the malfunctioning of the principles that support the various bodily tissues.

Many of these subtypes have reported the presence of sugar in the urine. Some patients have a different coloration of urine. It indicates the presence of inflammatory conditions involved in metabolic syndrome.

Diabetes or Prameha is closely associated with obesity or Sthaulya. In conditions such as diabetes mellitus, Sahaja Prameha and Jatah Pramehi are associated with Type 1 diabetes, whereas Apathyanimittaja Prameha correlates with type 2 diabetes.

Madhumeha is a subtype of Vataja Prameha (Prameha with Vata predominance). It is the terminal stage of type 2 diabetes in which the patients may only respond to insulin treatment. Ayurvedic medicine (supplements) for diabetes can help in better management of the condition.

According to the Ayurvedic experts at Vedicshala, dietary, lifestyle, and psychological factors are involved in the etiology of Prameha. The ancient Ayurvedic knowledge regarding Prameha can be used to research further the current understanding of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.

Patients can benefit from the natural treatment for diabetes on Vedicshala. Early diagnosis and proper treatment can help in better management and control of the condition.

Patients can book an online appointment with an Ayurvedic doctor on Vedicshala for diabetes. This video shows how to book an online appointment on Vedicshala:

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