The Path to Profits Hits #1 on the First Day of Release

September 22 04:36 2022
The Path to Profits Hits #1 on the First Day of Release

Michelle Jacobik, author of the best-selling The Path to Profits
New Book Draws on Author’s Journey of Maxed Out to Millionaire, Offering a Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Success

September 21, 2022 – Business Profitability Strategist, Michelle Jacobik, is pleased to announce that her new book, The Path to Profits, published by WorldChangers Media, dominated the Amazon Business section on its first day of release, claiming the top spot in six categories including Small Business, Business Planning & Forecasting and Start-Ups in Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover sales.

A recent report from the Census Bureau shows more new businesses opening than ever before, with a record 4.4 million starting in the USA just in 2020, yet only 35% of these endeavors will make it to the five-year mark. The Path to Profits is a book about self-empowerment for entrepreneurs and how they can activate profitability in their businesses to avoid becoming an unfortunate statistic.

“I wrote this book during the toughest 18 months most business owners have ever experienced in history and every word became a ladder to help me help them out of the hole they were in,” explains author, Michelle Jacobik. “But most importantly, The Path to Profits is about how to drop the ‘hustle culture’ mentality and truly design a business that aligns with a life you don’t need to take a vacation from. I knew this was the message and the roadmap the Entrepreneurial world needed right now. Judging by book sales, it’s a message that’s clearly resonating with business owners!”

Entrepreneurs are driven, often sacrificing everything from family to sleep to make their dreams become a reality. However, many are caught in a nightmare of hustle, burnout, exhaustion, and stress as the bills mount and that mystical ‘one day’ seems further away than ever. Jacobik knows all too well the hamster wheel business owners can find themselves on, having maxed out her credit cards at a young age in her attempt to ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ in business. After turning her life around and building an agency seeing $12 million a year in sales, she now teaches other entrepreneurs her signature Vision + Flow + Grow method for creating a profitable business structure that supports the life of their dreams. 

“As entrepreneurs, we often start a business because we want something ‘more’—more freedom, more flexibility, or more money,” says Stu McLaren, cofounder of and The Membership Experience. “But seldom do we experience these things because we get bogged down in the day-to-day of running our business. And when that happens, we’re left questioning, ‘Why do we do this?’ Not anymore. Michelle changes all that by providing the exact blueprint to growing a business—and life—that you will truly love.” 

“In The Path to Profits, Michelle Jacobik shows you how to create a successful business alongside the personal life you aspire to have. In readable, relatable language, Michelle gives nuts-and-bolts tools to create a strategy for consistent cash flow so that you can have true balance, live your dreams, and have a thriving business at the same time. Michelle is nonjudgmental and inspiring in her storytelling, encouragement, and guidance, and is the living, breathing proof that her approach works,” states Stacy Francis, CFP®, CDFA®, CESTM, Savvy Ladies, founder and board chair, Francis Financial, president and CEO, CNBC Financial Advisor Council

The Path to Profits is published by Worldchangers Media and is available at Barnes and Noble, Indie, Target, Walmart, and Amazon or directly at

Michelle Jacobik is a Business Profitability Strategist, Success Coach, mentor, and speaker. From a broke 23-year-old to buying the company she was working for at age 30 and growing it to $12 million in annual sales, Jacobik has experienced the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. She now helps others avoid the pitfalls on their own journeys to success with her signature Vision + Flow + Grow program, which is the blueprint for creating a profitable business without sacrifice. Find out more at:

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