Author Christine Glory launches her latest book Outrunning Fear

September 21 19:02 2022
Author Christine Glory’s book Outrunning Fear shares her extraordinary story on the theme that there is hope for the future and that any change is possible.

Author Christine Glory was born in war-ravaged Uganda. Her family narrowly survived the infamous Lord’s Resistance Army when she was a toddler and fled to the UK in quest of a better, safer life. Glory is a successful mentor, writer, and IT specialist today. She founded a mentoring program that encourages women to succeed in all facets of their lives as part of her commitment to assisting others in realizing their potential.

Glory shares her extraordinary story of how she not only survived the war, poverty, and disease while growing up on two very different continents in her empowering book, Outrunning Fear. The book’s theme is timeless. There is always hope for the future, and that change is possible.

Whether it is war, disease, bereavement, abuse, or something else, everyone goes through trauma and tries to overcome their fears. Outrunning Fear can inspire and heal because it is told with passion and candor.

The book is divided into eight chapters.

The book Outrunning Fear is a poignant autobiography about a girl struggling and fighting against all odds to survive. The story is not only relatable but also heart-touching due to the lucid and candid way it has been written.

“I have penned down the life struggles I have experienced in this book. This is not a simple biography but also a life lesson for the readers. It is a constant reminder that no matter what, you must continue to chase your dreams and goals. How you respond to the challenges life throws at you is very important.” said the author.

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About Outrunning Fear:

In her inspirational book, Outrunning Fear, Glory tells her incredible story of how she not only overcame war, poverty, and disease while growing up on two very different continents. The theme of the novel is eternal. Prospects are always bright, and change is conceivable, which is what the author wants to convey.

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