Phased IN Builds New Facility and Creates Program to Support Emancipated Foster Youth

September 20 08:22 2022
Phased IN Builds New Facility and Creates Program to Support Emancipated Foster Youth

Arlington, TX – Offering an invaluable resource for foster youth who were never adopted, the housing and transitional living program Phased IN will launch in Arlington, Texas, in Winter 2023. The Phased IN Sunrise campus will be modeled on a highly successful version of the same program established in Wichita Falls. Phased IN is designed to assist young adults in learning basic life skills that will prepare them for independent living.  

Phased IN takes its name from the shorthand expression that describes the scenario when young adults are forced to leave the foster care system upon turning 18. In Texas alone, 1,500 youth are “phased out” of the system each year. With no outside support during this vulnerable moment of life, half of them face homelessness and/or substance abuse issues, while many of the young women end up pregnant before their 20th birthday. Phased IN works to prevent these outcomes before they become a reality.

The program supplies housing, education, medical care, and essential life skills training. It serves as a visionary initiative made possible through a combined partnership between the church, the community, and the state. Phased IN wants to ensure that any young adult achieves the self-sufficiency and stability required to make their way in the world. Above all, the program provides at-risk individuals with a crucial dynamic missing from their lives: a true sense of family.

Phased IN states, “Through the committed participation in the lives of foster youth…we will empower them to understand that their past does not define their future.” Foster children who age out of the system are left to fend for themselves with no knowledge of their options. The epidemic has reached a point where United States prisons now predict their future population based on the number of youth who “phase out” of foster care. To reverse this trend, Phased IN helps these individuals make a plan, get on their feet, and prepare to enter the workforce.

The Phased IN Sunrise campus in Arlington, currently under construction, will house between 10 and 14 female youth upon its completion — twice the capacity of the Wichita Falls campus. The program is expanding throughout Texas with the hope that other states will create similar programs of their own. To learn more about Phased IN and become involved as a volunteer or donor, visit

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