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July 28 17:57 2022
Fight stress the healthy way using helpful products like Living927’s Detox Foot Pads

Life can be quite a handful sometimes – and when it gets overwhelming, a person’s automatic response is to be stressed. It is a normal part of everyone’s life but learning how to better manage it can help a person lead a more balanced and healthier life. At Living927, they are all about fighting stress the healthy way though their curated list of helpful products.

Living927 was founded by a nurse who has firsthand experience of speaking with healthcare clinicians across the United States. Some of the famous topics they cover are stress management, bullying in the workplace, emotional intelligence, and patient experience strategy. In these conversations, a lot of participants showed interest in products that can help reduce stress. With this, Living927’s founder got inspired and put together a platform where all products for stress management can be found. The products listed are a mix of both what the founder has known to be helpful as well as some suggestions from audience members. It is like a one-stop shop for anything and everything that can reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and heal the mind.

Particularly, the collection list is categorized into books, vitamins and supplements, skin care, fitness equipment, wearable products, massage products, and alternative medicine products. Every item posted on the website is helpful in its own way. For instance, under the books category, Living927 has listed a therapist recommended read titled “Rewire Your Anxious Brain: How to Use the Neuroscience of Fear to End Anxiety, Panic, and Worry” for those who are feeling anxious. Another example is the Nature Made Stress Relief Gummies, which is known to be a good supplement to help someone quickly manage stress since it contains L-theanine and Chamomile.

In addition to Living927’s curated list is a new product called Detox Foot Pads. It is infused with lavender essential oil and it is best for those who are looking to cleanse their body and dispel toxins while they sleep. Its main advantage is its ability to help get rid of dampness and cold, promote blood circulation, and improve sleep quality. This is backed up by a 2015 study from a trusted source where people with self-reported sleep difficulties experienced improved sleep quality through good sleep hygiene and by using lavender patches. These Detox Foot Pads are guaranteed to make one’s body healthier and more relaxed.

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