Currick Starts Trading Commission Rebate Globally

July 28 01:54 2022

As an open exchange platform with a global strategic vision, Currick has adopted an advanced industry concept in the design of the trading system from the very beginning – realizing the disclosure of data on the chain and the sharing of trading dividends.

As an innovative multi-currency digital asset trading platform licensed by the US MSB (financial license supervised and issued by FinCEN in the US), Currick takes an unusual approach in trading concepts.

Recently, according to major medias, in order to give back to the long-term support of investors in major countries around the world, Currick will start a trading commission rebate on July 25th.

It is reported that in this event, the invitee shall use the invitee’s invitation code or invitation link to complete the registration. After the successful registration of the invitee, each coin currency trading will generate a corresponding percentage of rebate to the inviter.

Rebate Currency: Rebate in the deduction currency of the transaction fee. If the invitee’s deduction currency of the transaction fee is USDT, the inviter will receive the rebate in USDT.

According to the introduction of the platform, The rebate of the invitee’s transaction is counted in real time.

Rebate Time: The rebate of the invitee’s transaction is counted in real time

The event of Currick starts from 12:00 on July 25, 2022, all account invitations generated by the referral relationship is valid.

In order to ensure the fairness of the activities as well as the rights and interests of the investors, each person is only allowed to register one Currick investment account for trading. If there are people who maliciously register multiple accounts in real names and use informal means to make profits, their trading accounts will be banned by the Currick. We hope that all investors will make an investment wisely.

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