drinkroot is Making Traditional Kava Accessible to Everyone

July 01 16:54 2022
drinkroot’s traditional kava blends and varietals support relaxation, anxiety relief, and holistic wellness.

Kava, a non-alcoholic, calming beverage hailing from the South Pacific islands, is steadily gaining popularity as consumers look for a healthy way to unwind amidst economic uncertainties and daily life stressors. Adding to its fame is the rapidly growing sober curious movement, where people stay away from alcohol for health reasons, knowing its lasting detrimental effects on the body. California-based beverage company drinkroot is pushing this trend forward by making the traditional form of kava, a quite time-consuming drink to make, more accessible globally.

The best thing? Consumers do not need to go through the laborious prep process of making traditional kava anymore. drinkroot instant kava is designed for people on the go, so relaxation is just a scoop away.

The idea came up after drinkroot founder, Kyle Shigekuni, went on a hike with friends. After reaching the mountain peak and celebratory drinks were poured, one of his friends brought out an instant packet of crystal light. “I was abstaining from alcohol at the time for a number of reasons and wished I had some kava on me,” says Shigekuni. In that fortuitous moment, the idea for instant kava was formed. “It was like a lightbulb was flicked on.”

Once back in Brooklyn, New York, Shigekuni immediately began deconstructing how he could make this happen. After many ups and downs, the team at drinkroot finally figured it out, and the connoisseur instant kava packets was born.

“For the adventurer, we made it easy for you to get your hands on this ancient and centering drink, anytime, anywhere.”

drinkroot kava is made from dehydrated kava juice and sourced from partner growers in the South Pacific. Compared to kava extracts with a murky past, traditional kava is said to be more potent and healthier. drinkroot follows traditional production methods using handpicked blends of roots rigorously tested and analyzed for quality. This is to ensure the distinct chemotypes of kavalactones responsible for kava’s soothing effect meet each person’s desired experience.

Shigekuni says, “Traditionally prepared kava has been used for hundreds to thousands of years in the South Pacific and is a noticeably different experience from kava extracts.” When consumed, drinkroot kava offers the real experience of kava everyone loves and enjoys, relaxing and calming without impairing the clarity of the mind. Some blends may induce a light euphoria, enabling some users to feel enhanced enjoyment or sociability. Others can be heavier and better suited for evenings in.

While for many people, alcoholic drinks can impair cognitive ability, cause aggression, lowered inhibition, impulsive behavior, and hangovers, drinkroot kava is almost the exact opposite. It’s the antithesis of alcohol and caffeinated drinks and the ideal solution for a stressed-out generation taught to keep grinding and fulfill unrealistic societal expectations.

At the core, drinkroot’s mission is not just about kava. It is to inspire a community of wellness and help those struggling with pains like substance abuse, hopefully bringing them back to the light. It’s about empowering people to slow down, destress, and unplug in healthy ways despite life’s challenges.

According to one consumer, “Since using drinkroot, my efficiency at work has increased, my relationship with my family has improved drastically, stress levels reduced, and alcohol consumption is way down.”

Another said, “The experience was perfect for me. I felt my usual, pushy, gotta-get-as-much-done-as-possible mentality drift into a more easy-going stance with the world.”

The brand offers several unique traditional blends of kava and a few single-origin harvests. It includes the flagship classic Connoisseur, which is more balanced in terms of heady and body, and probably the best substitute for a cocktail connoisseur. Raw Epicure, a heavier heady experience, is great for the social butterfly. Other varieties include Statera, Barava, Kahuna, and Wakea.

All drinkroot kavas are as traditional as it gets – no fillers, bark, or micronized root, just pure premium-quality kava.

Check them out here at https://drinkroot.com/.

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