Regal Pawtraits: Majestic, renaissance style paintings of pets for pet lovers

April 15 20:39 2022

The pandemic has caused much destruction. Much of it is already known, but what many do not know is that the pandemic has caused a pet housing crisis of which the likes has never been seen before.

Our pets that once showed us undying love and loyalty, are now left on the streets, alone.

While this crisis is massive and won’t be solved by one initiative or problem, a group of pet owners in 2020 felt like they just HAD to do something. 

They could not sit back and just watch this happen.

Determined to find a home for these once loved pets, they started brainstorming ideas on how they could help find them new homes.

They then struck on a brilliant idea: painting each homeless pet onto a beautiful and regal oil painting, as a way for people to fall in love with and adopt the pets in the portraits.

Armed with this newfound idea, they started a social media campaign, posting beautiful oil paintings of these pets in regal attire.

The response was overwhelming. People loved the paintings and the pets in them, and before long, they started adopting the pets in the paintings!

It wasn’t long before other pet owners saw these paintings and wanted in on the fun, but with their own pets. And thus, the business idea that is Regal Pawtraits was born.

Regal Pawtraits creates regal renaissance-style oil portraits featuring pets and their humans, while raising awareness for homeless and abandoned pets in need of new homes and loving owners.

Fast forward to today, with over 10,000 oil portraits made and delivered to pet owners and lovers around the world, Regal Pawtraits remains committed to its original mission of helping homeless pets find new homes.

They are partnering with pet adoption centres to rescue these pets off the streets, raising funds for homeless pets through sales of these oil paintings, and creating more awareness about pet adoption.

Visit Regal Pawtraits at to see these amazing masterpieces for yourself, maybe get one while you’re at it, and support homeless pets across the world.

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