Hoogstore, Fast-Growing Leather Shoe Brand, is Expanding to England and Asia

May 03 15:34 2021

Hoogstoreis pleased to announce it is opening new branches across the world. The brand has become a symbol of quality leather shoes, and known to manufacture some of the most stunning footwear, unlike anywhere else in the world. They supply formal, casual and sports shoes too. Hoog shoes will be launching soon in England, and in Asia in Pakistan and India, and later on in Australia.

Hoogstore has become a household name to some of the world’s best-selling brands, along with online retail in the United Arab Emirates and England. They prioritize customer satisfaction above all else.

One of the company’s top-selling footwear is their slip-on loafers’ shoes for men. The shoes are of high-quality leather and come in a variety of colors. The products are durable, which ensures they do not tear easily. The shoes are fashion compliant, making them work with various outfits. Hoog designers are well trained and knowledgeable about the latest changes in fashion.

The design team at Hoog has a unique service that guides clients who wish to start their own brand. They will take the time to listen and give advice on how to create a brand that will appeal to customers. Hoog shoe designers are a group of professionals who are passionate about design and helping the customer find the right kind of shoe.

“With years of experience in private label suppliers for footwear, we will give you access to decades-old expertise and technical know-how of craftsmanship. We also offer procurement in shoe sampling services, shoe bags and shoebox along with on-demand batch production”, says a spokesperson for Hoogstore.

Not only does Hoogstore create shoes, but they also provide leather care tips for the shoes. The company produces cleaning and polishing kits as well. These products improve the durability of the shoes and improve their appearance. They work with a unique mix of exclusive hides, precious materials and handicraft techniques that make their products so valuable, something to maintain and preserve with the greatest care.

Shahzad Faisal is the CEO of the company. His efforts have helped propel it to greater heights with clients on nearly all continents. Hoogstore began in 2019 to produce high-quality leather shoes. With the present team, Hoogstore is likely to continue expanding and growing its client base.

For more information, please visit: https://www.hoogstore.com

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