Jarvis Welch Continues To Help Artists Grow Their Careers With PaidJake Enterprises

April 15 01:09 2021
Jarvis Welch Continues To Help Artists Grow Their Careers With PaidJake Enterprises

Jarvis Welch grew up in Atlanta Georgia, and one thing he loved about the city was its music scene. Whenever a good song comes on, Jarvis forgets about his day and enjoys the music. He has always appreciated how a talented music artist can make listeners feel with the way their lyrics and beats combine.

Even at a young age, Jarvis knew he wanted to work around some of the world’s greatest artists. He couldn’t imagine himself doing anything else. Six years ago, Jarvis started his journey in the music industry. He began representing some of the most talented artists across the county and hasn’t looked back. 

How PaidJake Helps Artists

When Jarvis was growing up, he would always add bands like Blink 182 and Escape The Fate to his playlist. He loves the way they could affect people’s emotions by telling their stories through a song. It was bands that were able to expose their raw emotions that kept Jarvis inspired to continue his journey in the music industry. 

In 2018, Jarvis decided to take a step out on his own and start his own record company Atlanta City Records. In order to make this business a hit, Jarvis knew he needed to go by a nickname that people would remember. One thing that all artists want is to get paid for their hard work, so he decided to get right to the point and go by PaidJake.

PaidJake is known across Atlanta for finding the best artists and encouraging their professional growth in the industry. Every day he is using his platform to create more opportunities for upcoming artists and create a bigger music community in the city. When artists are ready to expand their platform and perfect their skills, PaidJake is the man to turn to.

PaidJake Finds Atlanta’s Hottest Talent

Through Atlanta City Records, PaidJake is helping many gifted artists get ahead. The label has been able to get in touch with several talented artists from all over the world, and help them expand their creativity and career. Some of the talented artists they are currently working with are:

  • Asia Marie

This talented upcoming artist have a special quality that makes her music stand out. PaidJake has a knack for finding authentic artists who aren’t afraid to take creative risks. Each day, he encourages their growth while expanding his name in the music industry.

To learn more, visit PaidJake’s official website at https://www.paidjake.com

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