Up and Coming Beard Care Brand ‘Beardthemen™’ Revolutionizes Beard Care Routine

February 18 23:03 2021
Beardthemen™ brings a range of organic beard care products as a commitment towards Mother Nature.

Riverside, RI, United States – According to a survey by Modern Gentlemen, almost 55% of men all around the world have facial hair. With over half of the population of men having beards, it is estimated that these statistics would soon increment. In fact, with the ongoing work-from-home trend, men across the planet are relishing the joys of growing their beards, as they are no longer bound to the conservative dress codes at work necessitating a clean shaven look.

However, as more men begin to grow their beards, a dilemma arises; lack of proper beard care products. After all, the beard care routine goes beyond applying nose-enticing products.

Founded by beard care fanatic at heart, Anthony Borelli, ‘Beardthemen™’ is an emerging brand, all set to revolutionize the grooming habits among men. The organic, luxurious line of beard care endeavors to create awareness about how organic choices can protect Mother Nature. The brand also avoids environmentally detrimental packaging, diminishing carbon footprints. Each of the products made by the brand, empower men to flaunt their healthy beard hair.

“At Beardthemen™, we create nutrients and vitamin-enriched products that replenish skin while stimulating healthy hair growth. With the finest quality, mindfully chosen 100% natural and organic ingredients, our oils are free from harsh chemicals, harmful parabens, and any junks whatsoever,” says Borelli. “With the core values of health, transparency, and consistency. We believe that if you put the best quality ingredients on your hair and face, you WILL receive the best results. Our biggest slogan is ‘Care with Confidence.’ When you use a clean, healthy product, we want you to trust it and feel great about yourself.”

Beardthemen™, with its fine quality products and incredible notion, wishes to emerge as not just a brand but a lifestyle among men. “With the products by Beardthemen™, grooming and skincare feel like a hobby and a way of life. Our all-natural products are explicitly formulated to match the distinct needs of various skin types, offering men shine and confidence to flaunt their beards,” says Borelli.

Following years of trial and error, the brand has managed to offer five perfect blends of ingredients that are USDA-certified, organic, and smell amazing while offering numerous health benefits to beards of all hair types and lengths. As a handcrafted brand, Beardthemen™ is surely the brand of the next generation, transforming the beard care standards among men.

Currently offering a range of organic beard oils, beard wash, and unity balm, Beardthemen™ plans to have a full-fledged range of men’s items, including other men’s lifestyle and self-care products, in the near future.

About the Company:

Founded in 2016 by Anthony Borrelli of Providence, Rhode Island, Beardthemen™ strives to provide men with high-quality grooming products that are made with 100% organic oils, creating a clean self-care routine for men to enjoy.

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