Seat Sitters Partners with Non-Profit Organization, Miracle Flights, Making Healthier Strives for Travelers in Need

November 11 12:03 2020
Seat Sitters Partners with Non-Profit Organization, Miracle Flights, Making Healthier Strives for Travelers in Need

Seat Sitters has been at the forefront of helping travelers protect their health for over eight years.

As they continue to expand to provide the much-needed protection, especially in the face of the current global pandemic, Seat Sitters is proud to announce their latest partnership with Miracle Flights, a non-profit organization that offers free commercial airline tickets to sick children that need to travel far away from home for their medical care needs. 

“Almost all Miracle Flights patients suffer from medical conditions that are treated by only a handful of experts located across the country, which makes medical travel a necessity. While insurance may cover actual treatment, it rarely covers the cost of travel. As a result, many patients go untreated or misdiagnosed, simply because they cannot get to the medical experts who can effectively treat their condition. That is where Miracle Flights comes in. We alleviate the financial burden of travel so families can focus on treatment and recovery,” said the Miracle Flights company representative. 

With this exciting new partnership between Seat Sitters and Miracle Flights, many fliers whose immune systems have already been compromised, will have better protection against the germs that they could encounter during their travels.

Each Healthy Airplane Travel Kit donated by the team at Seat Sitters to the non-profit organization contains 1 washable and reusable airplane seat cover, 2 disposable tray table covers, 10 sanitary wipes, 2 allergy mask, 1 “No-Nut” sticker and 1 hand sanitizer.

Far more than applicable to children and young adults whose immune systems have been compromised, the Seat Sitters travel kit is the perfect protection for all, especially when going into public places like movie theaters, waiting rooms, trains, busses, etc. With the reusable seat covers, users can find comfort in their protection against contact with allergies, germs, flu, cold, etc.

The partnership between Seat Sitters and Miracle Flights is just the start of a greater and healthier relationship for all travelers.

About Seat Sitters

Seat Sitters is a patent-pending germ protection kit that has been put together to make a healthy journey possible for all. The Healthy Travel Kit has been designed with the mind to keep users free from contact with germs and other microorganisms in public spaces that can compromise their health. The Seat Sitters healthy travel kit is available online for purchase via the company’s website and can also be found on online and offline retail stores like Amazon, at the Atlanta International Airport Brookstone kiosk, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Lytle Pharmacy and more…

“Travel is our Inspiration, staying healthy is our passion,” here at Seat Sitters. Reach out to them by phone at 248-660-7645 or by email to Gina Hoensheid at [email protected]. Seat Sitters is headquartered in Rochester, MI 48307 United States. Visit the website for more information.


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