New Site, Live The Times, helps people improve their financial literacy with stock screeners for multiple countries and exchanges

January 05 23:51 2023

The site helps disseminate financial information efficiently and assists traders in achieving their financial goals.

As inflation rates continue to soar, many want to generate passive incomes and venture toward stock trading. However, they find a lack of quality financial information and tools to help make the trades. This is where the new site Live The Times, is trying to make a difference. The site provides its readers with valuable information ranging from stock screeners for multiple countries and exchanges to the latest news in one place. Users can use the website as the go-to resource to make better investments and personal finance decisions.

The site provides stock analysis tools such as charts, technical indicators, calculators, and information related to public offerings, earnings, mergers, and acquisitions that can help users make better decisions when investing in stocks. The site also offers educational content about investing through blogs written by leading financial experts who have already done the things readers aspire to.

Users also get access to their news feed, which includes breaking news on global markets worldwide, including in places such as Australia, Italy, and Indonesia. This helps investors get information about different sectors based in each country that are listed on major exchanges. Additionally, on Live The Times, users can get accurate updates via their social media handles, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The site’s founder said, “When I started, I found an absence of quality resources that would aid my research process. This is why I built this site so anyone can access data and tools and make an educated decision on trading. Financial literacy is more important in this volatile market than ever, and Live The Times aims to teach people how to invest properly.”

The real-time stock screener, coupled with news and blogs related to the latest happenings across major exchanges in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific (APAC), will prove to be invaluable for people. The website has an easy-to-use interface, and the blogs are written in an easy-to-understand way that anyone can understand.

That’s why, in a short period, the site has quickly become the leading stock research tools provider across the globe. The free service does not require signup or registration to access the information. Moreover, people can search through the stock symbol and get access to the data they need.

The site will help people navigate the volatility of the stock market. In 2022 people lost trillions of dollars because they didn’t do the required preparation. 

Talking about how valuable the site is, a regular visitor said, “As a college graduate who was struggling to get a job, my friend recommended this site to help me get started with trading. I started by just spending 15 min a day, progressing to reading whole articles and exploring tools such as calculators on the site. This helped build my trading skills; now, I’m a full-time trader. This has helped me avoid the fate others have suffered in this heightened volatility.”

Speaking about the site’s high value, another reader commented, “Thanks to the site, I was able to build a new passive income stream that is helping me counter the growing inflation rate and meet the expenses of my family. I’m even considering leaving my job and going full-time with stock trading. This site has truly been a God send for struggling people like me. The best part is that the site is free, and I didn’t have to pay a dime.”

The calculators on the site are all optimized to provide insights and results on desired calculations. They are organized into categories and are for-purpose calculators to get the job done. The categories include sections such as finance, business, and mathematics.

A representative for the site continued, “Users can easily find trending stock symbols for their portfolio with our screeners. The free stock screener can help people find trending stocks, especially in a market that is difficult to navigate. We deliver top-level stock information for technical analysis so visitors can understand the current market trends and conditions. We receive emails from people every day on how they use stock items such as the market overview and screener to get information from the top stock exchanges such as the NYSE and NASDAQ. The trading view provides the data, making it easy to understand for everyone.”

The site’s news section provides up-to-date news articles for each day. The news is fresh off the desk for people to read, including information from trusted news sources, Google News, a respectable news composition. The main news section also includes the weather forecast, so investors have a complete overview of the happenings in the world.

People interested to learn more can check out their website or reach out to them using the information mentioned below.

About Live The Times

Live The Times is a leading site that provides stock screeners for multiple countries and exchanges. They also offer news categories for articles people can read directly from the source. The site includes stock analysis tools such as charts, technical indicators, fundamental data, calculators, and other information for people to make the best investment decisions. They also offer news related to public offerings, earnings, mergers, and acquisitions to help users make better decisions when investing in stocks. The site aims to help people navigate the volatile economic world.

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