Burnaby Pest Control Company Announces New Office Location

June 22 21:54 2022
For twenty years, the family-owned business has been providing personal, caring, and friendly service. The firm operates throughout the New Westminster and Burnaby service areas.

Pestcheck Services Limited is pleased to announce the establishment of a new office location. The new location allows the Burnaby Pest Control company to serve better the residents and businesses of New Westminster and Burnaby. The service-based family-owned business has served Burnaby residents for over two decades. The pricing is more affordable and the services are more caring, friendly, and personal. For area residents having trouble with any type of insect, wildlife, or rodent problem, Pestcheck has the experience to deal with naturally occurring problems, as well as those involving chemicals. 

The Burnaby pest control services team uses environmentally safe and governmental-approved methods to control and eradicate pests without putting the customer’s family, pets, or the environment at risk. Pestcheck Services does its very best to provide a pest-free home for customers. If the situation allows, it is preferred not to use pesticides or rodenticides during treatment. This commitment is uncommon in the industry. 

Additional details are available at https://pestcheck.ca/burnaby-pest-control/

When it comes time to remove rodents or wildlife, they are taken from the customer’s property safely and humanely. The technicians ensure all access points are repaired or sealed to stop future incursions of wildlife pests. The professionals do not quit until the work site has been completely transformed into a safe haven for the family and pets. The trained and certified exterminators are expert pest management professionals, which guarantees they are able to handle any size or type of infestation for industrial and commercial clients. 

The technicians in New Westminster and Burnaby provide demolition permits as well as help to clean up the customer’s attic space. Pestcheck Pest Control is committed to the safety and well-being of families, which means they are always looking for ways to help protect customers from pests without harming nature. 

About the Company: 

Pestcheck Services Limited has over two decades of pest control and elimination services. Their new office location is intended to provide better services to customers throughout the area. The company focuses on humane and environmentally responsible methods and products.

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