PawPang Launches Innovative Dog Diaper Liner Booster Pad to Save Cost of Replacing Dog Diapers.

June 21 13:12 2022

PawPang is pleased to announce the release of its Dog Diaper Liner Booster Pad. The booster pad is intended to reduce the cost of diaper replacement and relieve dog owners of the stress of hand-washing diapers regularly. More pet owners appear to be turning to PawPang’s innovative dog diaper liners because they have been proven to be a perfect fit for all diaper brands.

Recognizing that many pet parents are currently experiencing the stress of hand-washing dog diapers while others are spending a significant amount on diaper replacement, the firm claims that its Dog Diaper Liner Booster Pad is the solution because it is cost-effective as the booster pads will extend the life of diapers. After all, the booster pad gets changed instead of the diaper.

The Dog Diaper Liner Booster Pad is made of premium Super-Absorbent Polymer, which transforms moisture into a gel and locks it away. They are compatible with washable, reusable, and cloth diapers. Using booster pads will extend the life of diapers because the booster pad gets changed instead of the diaper. These pads are great for overnight leaks, urinary inconsistency, and marking, among other things. 

“Total game changer!” exclaims one customer. Every few days, I washed belly bands in a small load by themselves. I’ve been using the pads for six days and have yet to wash a diaper load. They stay dryer than a belly band, and pee does not run up the side. Their waists were turning yellow with just the belly band. I wish I had noticed them earlier”.

According to the company, the idea for the product came from a dog owner’s quest to create a diaper that would make dogs comfortable while also reducing stress and cost for the pet owner. With this new product, PawPang is concerned not only with the comfort and health of the dog but also with the pet owner, as the product reduces stress and costs associated with pet care in this case.

PawPang’s dog diaper liners are currently available for purchase on Amazon.

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