Fit2Live Offers a Fresh Take on a Traditional Scale

May 17 17:09 2022
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Started in 2014, Fit2Live provides solutions to make reaching fitness goals easier than ever. With Fit2Live, customers can get into shape and stay fit with products designed to work with them, not against them.

One of those best-selling products is the Fit2Live Smart Scale, made to measure body composition as well as 13 other key body metrics like metabolic age, visceral fat, skeletal muscle and more. It has a 6mm tempered glass platform LCD screen that offers top-notch safety and durability to its users. It’s simpler than ever for customers to get a more complete picture of their overall health and wellness when they utilize this scale.

The Smart Scale allows customers to reach health goals up to 8 times faster and has 4 high-precision German sensors for the utmost accuracy in tracking health metrics over weeks, months and even years. It’s an ideal choice for a family or roommates wanting to share a scale because it offers the option for up to 10 users and sends progress directly to each user’s phone.

Tracking progress has never been easier. For customers that enjoy everything synching to their phone, the Smart Scale offers full access to insights and data gathered from the scale. It even works with Google Fit and Apple Health and is available on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. More information can be found at this website.

For a complete picture into health and wellness beyond just pounds on a scale, the Fit2Live Smart Scale can help customers be more in charge of their health journey.

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