Review Revolution Proprietary Client Review Software Pushing Upswing in Customer Satisfaction

May 17 17:06 2022
Bringing back true customer service while increasing positive reviews and driving client retention through the roof.

Review Revolution Founder Travis Kearin reports the reputation management software his company developed is changing the way companies nationwide utilize customer reviews for growth. What Review Revolution has done, says Kearin, is “create user-friendly software and support services that give small businesses a competitive edge against large firms with significant budgets.” Through its software which automates the process, business customers are receiving 30-120 times the number of reviews from their customers compared to their efforts before using the program.

Paying attention to customer reviews has always given any business the edge. With the ease and access of online searching and research, most potential customers will read reviews first before visiting a business either in person or online. Consequently, the growth of online reviews links closely to the importance of customer service. Not just reviews, but impactful, positive reviews. “Businesses using our system are averaging up to one 5-star review out of every 5 customers served. Kearin adds, “The quantity is as important as the quality of online reviews. Both can have a significant impact on a company’s brand reputation.”

A recent case study implemented by Kearin’s team, compared results for companies before and after implementing Review Revolution’s proprietary software in reaching the coveted Google ‘Top 3 Map Position.’ The study showed Kearin’s software pushed clients into the top three 250% more often than prior to implementing the service. Ranking higher on Google Maps typically means ranking on the first page of Google Search as well. The higher ranking has a direct correlation with revenue of a business and adds to the accessibility of consumers engaging in a business.

Seeking the advice of others online has been a growing trend for several years but accelerated in the last 3-5 years. Allowing and encouraging customers to do the talking automatically improves the likeability and trustworthiness of any business. Third-party validation and social proof have made reviews more valuable than ever.

Review Revolution software recognizes when a customer makes a purchase and then encourages the submission of a positive review. Equally important, the software converts negative customer responses with a personal and respectful follow-through system. Using this system, case studies have proven that 4 out of 5 dissatisfied customers are converted to ‘satisfied’ or better without publicly displaying a potential negative review. It is just good business practice to show customers that they matter and resolve any issues before requesting reviews. Kearin says, “When a business requests consumer feedback, positive or negative, it is an opportunity to personalize the customer experience.” A direct response is critical to a customer’s impression and their willingness to spread the new form of ‘word of mouth,’ the online review.

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