NETSOOON, a Revolution in Social Media

May 16 19:09 2022
No more violence, cyberbullying, racism, homophobia, malicious content, fake news. Let’s make our social media safer for our children.

BARTHELEMY TECH GROUP, a company incorporated Budapest, Hungary, is one of the leading providers of New Technology solutions with yearlong experience in developing New Technologies, especially in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, App Development, Social media tools and E-Commerce B2B & B2C platforms.

During the past years BARTHELEMY TECH GROUP has developed an innovative social media and messaging platform, NETSOOON GROUP Ltd. NETSOOON GROUP Ltd. is 100% BARTHELEMY TECH GROUP owned. Based on safety and security for adult users and mainly for teenagers, all our concept and technologies have a unique goal: to continue using and enjoying social media but No to anonymity, to violence, harassment, black mailing, malicious content, homophobia, racism, cyberbullying and fake news. Respect freedom of speech by respecting others.

BARTHELEMY Tech Group has recently experienced a great interest and demand from Governments all over the world, interest from journalists, associations and and is in the process of approaching cyber security services into the EU for a collaboration to improve our machine learning and key words to detect all kind of criminality, violence, fake news and terrorism.

Financial projections for Netsooon Group. As per the projections, the net cash flow Netsooon in the 4th year amounts to € 13.49 Bn. Thus, from the DCF method of valuation, the value of Netsooon Group comes to €19.27 Bn as on the valuation date.

Principal activities and markets: The Company is formed for the sole purpose of operating the social medias Netsooon and Netsooon junior, the messaging Chatsooon and chatsooon junior and all the apps integrated, to increase its R&D and cybersecurity departments and to expand this secure social media worldwide, sign and instal local data centres for a maximum data protection and make Netsooon the real European alternative to actual social media and the most secured platform for us and our Children. Netsooon will also continue to identify further prospective joint venture partners in designated regional areas, such as America, Australia, Middle East, Balkan, Asia, Africa and CIS. The joint ventures may be in the form of a capital increase, scheme of arrangement, reorganisation or contractual relationships.

Let’s make our Social Media safer for our Children with NETSOOON.

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