Meet Slova, The High-Performance Skincare Brand That Puts Skinimalism In The Driver’s Seat

May 16 17:26 2022

High-strength formulas, hardcore actives, and a compromised skincare barrier, this is what the skincare industry has been up to in recent years. Incorrect usage of high potency formulas and learning how to layer the actives have exhausted everyone for the last few years. With being stuck at home, the world realized that an easy-to-execute routine is the new skin care-y way. Dermatologists often quote that overwhelming the skin overstimulates and it essentially gives up, resulting in flare-ups of skin reactions. 

Does that mean the consumers need to strip back on the skin-friendly, highly effective formulations? “Absolutely Not!” says the US-based skincare brand, Slova. Driven with the less is more ethos, Slova focuses on indulging consumers in minimalistic routines with its advanced skincare formulations. 

“Our eight-piece skincare collection offers protection and balance for the optimal and healthiest skin possible. With next-generation ingredients like Argireline®, DermCom, and PhytoCellTec™, our skincare line is designed to provide visible results at home and complement the results of a doctor’s office,” says Harish, Product Director. He also mentions that their compact and precise packaging is not only perfect for on-the-go travel but also determines the right amount of product to use. 

Slova Skincare ensures that consumer uses the right product on the skin with the cutting-edge AI-powered skin analysis tool, Skin Alchemy. This face-mapping technology from Slova measures facial skin for acne, open pores, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, hydration levels, AQI and other environmental factors based on the location in just a snap of a selfie. 

Slova says their approach to incorporating Artificial Intelligence into modern skincare ensures that consumers pick the correct product based on one’s skin health and not on the hype of the ingredients. With thousands, if not millions, of skincare choices, this intervention of technology removes the guessing out of the skincare purchase decisions. 

Long gone are those days with hard-to-say and even-harder-to-commit 10-step routines. As a newbie to the skincare game or exhausted by lengthy routines, skinimalism is worth a shot. Feeling ready to strip everything right back? Slova can be a very streamlined and highly potent skincare pal that lets skin breathe. Visit their online store to check out their skincare collection or connect with them at [email protected].

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