Hang All Art in Seconds with Push and Hang – No Tools Needed

May 16 17:03 2022
This all-in-one tool hangs pictures, artworks, and craft items within seconds.

As an inventor and a QVC/HSN sellout, Michael Van Horst always strives to develop items that make everyday tasks easier and faster so that people can go about and enjoy their day. And being a realtor for over 25 years, he would see so many people struggle with this seemingly simple task of hanging a picture. He knew there had to be a better way – an easier way – to hang one’s favorite picture, artwork, or craft item. He knew he didn’t just want another marking tool. And so, he decided to take it a step further by designing a tool that actually puts the nails in the wall for people and be perfectly level each and every time.

Introducing “Push and Hang,” the only tool that helps people measure, level, and install nails into the wall – no tools needed! Hang anything from artworks to photos and craft items within seconds – making it the fastest DIY way to hang anything up to 10 pounds. With “Push and Hang,” it is possible to never grab a hammer ever again.

Whether a person lives alone, young, old, or in a dorm, this is the perfect tool to have at one’s home. In fact, using “Push and Hang” is as easy as using a stapler. Just simply give each one of the handles a punch-like motion to install the nails into the wall. It has a sliding bubble level, which ensures the artwork is perfectly straight every time, as well as interior magnets to hold nails in place before driving them through their ideal location.

Currently, “Push and Hang” is the only tool on the market that actually inserts two nails into the wall, at the right angle, to perfectly level pictures and artworks. Customers can choose between three products: Push and Hang Mini (The Quick Fix), Push and Hang Original (The Homeowner’s Edition), and Push and Hang Pro (The Designer’s Edition)

“Push and Hang” makes hanging picture frames, crafts, and artworks stress-free and simple. No wonder it has over 20,000 demonstrations and is a customer pick on home shopping channels like QVC and HSN worldwide. According to Michael, “Push and Hang” is “becoming the number one closing gift for Realtors. Truly a game changer!”

Enjoy a tool that takes out all the guesswork. For more information about Push and Hang and its products, check out its website at http://www.pushandhang.com/.

About Push and Hang

Push and Hang is an all-in-one picture hanging tool that helps measure, level, and install nails into the wall – without needing other tools or studs.

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