Astralign: The Revolutionary Posture Correcting Back Support Pillow

May 12 18:57 2022
The big breakthrough in posture support and pain management technology.

Struggling with a hunchback, tech neck, shoulder pain, or lower back pain? More often than not, these issues are caused by modern day activities like texting, driving, office work, and gaming. Fortunately, the Astralign was designed by Richard Gleason, bodyworker to the stars, with patented technology that puts the spine in perfect alignment, delivers pain relief, and helps prevent spinal degeneration.

“The next generation in posture support, the Astralign is not your grandma’s lumbar pillow,” said Gleason, who explained that a properly positioned mid-back restores the natural curve of the lumbar spine and makes lumbar supports unnecessary.

With the Astralign, people can do away with ineffective and cumbersome posture harnesses, buzzers, and lumbar supports. “Scientifically designed to rotate the ribs upwards, the Astralign posture pillow puts the mid-back, neck, and lower back all into perfect alignment.”

More specifically, this posture support pillow combines thoracic support and weight-distributing side wings that help take weight off the back – giving the spine the support it needs while remaining comfortable. It trains muscles to provide spine support, which should alleviate discomfort associated with hyper-kyphosis, a forward slump of the mid-back. Not to mention this doctor recommended pillow is also an affordable solution to poor chair and car seat design.

With the Astralign, achieving perfect spine alignment is possible. More information about the Astralign can be found at

About Astralign

Made in the USA, Astralign is the world’s only mid-back support pillow with patented technology to gently redirect the spine toward perfect alignment and rid oneself of pain. This posture support pillow provides a combination of thoracic support and weight-distributing side wings that help relieve pain, promote natural lumbar and neck alignment, and improve posture from hips up through the shoulders.

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