LT Turner Jr. Brings Inspiration to Others With His Music

December 02 06:42 2021
LT Turner Jr.’s music explores themes of love, spirituality, and life, bringing positivity to others through his music.

Musical artist, pianist, and conductor LT Turner Jr. leaves a mark with music that uplifts, heals, and evokes feelings of peace and positivity. He combines artistic lyricism, masterful instrumentation, tasteful arrangements, and intimate, soothing vocals to bring musical pieces that inspire and encourage. Since his debut, LT Turner Jr. has released several musical projects, including his EP Seasons of Love and his latest single, On Eagle’s Wings.

Born in Connecticut in 1976, LT Turner Jr. has always been interested in music. He grew up involved in several musical plays, choirs, and activities that ignited his love for music and developed his musical talents. He started learning how to play the piano at a young age, leading him to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. He made his mark as a recording Artist in Hollywood with the release of his first music project, Seasons of Love, back in 2015.

Seasons of Love’s tracklist takes listeners into a journey of both the highs and the lows of being in love. It celebrates the beauty and magical quality of the springtime and summertime of love. At the same time, it brings hope to those currently amid the cooling autumn and winter. The album, comprised of five beautiful tracks, closes in hopeful anticipation of new beginnings.

His latest single and first instrumental piece, On Eagle’s Wings, comes in a timely manner to bring an impassioned expression of peace, hope & inspiration. The piece combines LT Turner Jr.’s rich piano playing with Dario Cei’s romantic expressions on the Alto Flute. It highlights powerful orchestral crescendo reminiscent of being “raised on eagle’s wings.” The musical artist hopes that his piece will bless and mend the hearts and spirits of those who hear it.

On Eagle’s Wings is available on more than 150 music streaming sites worldwide and received positive reception across several platforms.

“Thanks for blessing me with this encouraging instrumental! My spirit is already feeling lifted up! Excellent timing!”

“You created a rich tapestry with On Eagle’s Wings. The song floats and soars.”

LT Turner Jr. believes in “Sharing the gift of music, one note at a time.” He is active on several social media and music streaming platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, and Spotify.

Recently, he celebrated the 5th year anniversary of his single When October Goes from the EP Seasons of Love with his Facebook followers.

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