The Other Skincare Company Pioneers a New Segment in the Green Beauty Space

December 02 06:21 2021
Using “skin-identical” ingredients, The Other Skincare Company is creating products to boost skin health.

As a brand that focuses on addressing problematic skin, The Other Skincare Company starts a whole new segment in the clean beauty space using “skin-identical” ingredients to boost the skin’s innate immune system, and barrier function.

In an industry that is famous for constantly marketing miraculous, instant but often short term fixes The Other Skincare Company is focusing on a holistic approach to skin care and long lasting, skin health benefits.

This transformative, natural, and cruelty free skincare brand blends “skin-identical” ingredients with pure, potent, botanical actives and high-performance cosmeceuticals specific for certain skin issues to further deliver nourishing, bacteria-balancing and anti-inflammatory properties to its formulas.

“Working with herbs and medical plants is very important to me and in the core of The Other Skincare Company’s values but as I was experimenting and testing different formulas for problem skin I felt that something was still missing. That was addressing the overall immunity of the skin and its ability to self-repair and self-protect instead of only treating separate symptoms,” says Elitsa Milanova, Founder and Chief Formulator at The Other Skincare Company.

Made by a certified organic skincare formulator and a person with rosacea prone skin, The Other Skincare Company formulates their products with problematic skin types in mind and strives to offer clean solutions for an under-served but constantly growing segment – people with problematic skin types like adult acne and rosacea.

Currently, The Other Skincare Company has a clarifying concentrate and an ultra hydrating moisturizer for dehydrated, blemish prone skin, micellar water for gentle cleansing and toning, oil balancing and skin barrier boosting oil cleanser, and a soon to be launched illuminating serum for hyperpigmentation and redness.

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About The Other Skincare Company

The Other Skincare Company is a clean beauty brand that specializes in products for compromised skin prone to acne, inflammation, redness and dehydration. They offer transformative, botanical skincare by applying a unique skincare approach based on “skin-identical” ingredients that boost the skin’s innate immune system. Their products are performance driven, pure, potent, and cruelty free.

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