The top one fashion n icon, Sarah Fadhlaoui, and her love and passion for speed cars

October 15 15:50 2021
The top one fashion n icon, Sarah Fadhlaoui, and her love and passion for speed cars
The top one fashion n icon, Sarah Fadhlaoui, and her love and passion for speed cars
Influencer marketing is on the rise and fashion influencers are without a doubt at the forefront. Fashion world is recently taking a very intrinsic part of our lives. Though it is deep and a demanding domain, yet many were able to show their outstanding talent in such a domain.

Sarah Fadhlaoui’s name won’t be a surprise even for those slightly familiar with the world of fashion. But there’s always much more about her to know, other than being one of the top fashion icons, and a devoted wife and mother, it’s about her hobbies. Though she has full time work, Sarah still spends part of her time doing one of her best hobbies, driving speed cars. 

It’s been said that beauty is being the best possible version of yourself from the inside and out. “Beauty is to be “yourself”, definitely to be the version of yourself whoever you are” Sarah Fadhlaoui. That’s Sarah’s response and answer when she was asked her love and passion to her work. She added, “the best work is done when you do it from your heart, with all your love, effort, with passion and sacrifice.”

There is always much more to know about her, the top one fashion icon and trendsetter in the Middle East, the devoted wife and hands-on parent, Sarah Fadhlaoui. Not only is she known for her love and passion for cooking, but also Sarah is well-known for her lover and extreme passion for speed cars. Out of her clear love for speed cars and as an owner of Ferrari California, Sarah Fadhlaoui was chosen to be one of the Ferrari Club family members. Besides, she is one of the main members of Arabian Gazelles, the first and the only women supercar club in the world, based in Dubai and featured in each CNN, BBC, FORBES, MBC, VOGUE, GQ etc… She is not as any member but an active one where she participated in various events including Formula One (as a parade of Ferrari) and much more events related to cars.

In brief, the world of speed cars, and everything related to cars take parts of Sarah Fadhlaoui’s life. Though she is living midst a very busy life, yet she goes on practicing one of her best hobbies, driving speed cars. Glad to watch and know more on how she spends her time doing her hobby, simply visit her Instagram account, pass by her highlights and definitely you will be fascinated by her breathtaking stories.

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