Reelika Schulte of Dream Lifestyle LLC Reveals The 5 Steps to Building the Coaching Business and Life of Your Dreams

October 14 22:48 2021
Reelika Schulte of Dream Lifestyle LLC Reveals The 5 Steps to Building the Coaching Business and Life of Your Dreams

Lakeville, Minnesota – October 14th, 2021 – It’s easy to view success as something that happens to people, as though the stars aligned just right in their lives. Maybe they knew the right people, had the right upbringing, or just had luck on their side.

‌It’s a common assumption, but the truth is that successful people don’t wait for things to happen — they make them happen.

‌One such example is Reelika Schulte, a top female business coach. She was born in the Soviet Union and raised in Estonia. After pushing herself through school and college, she began working for her parents and in the corporate finance industry.

‌By most standards, it would appear that she was successful. But she was not yet living as she dreamed. Her idea of success was building a life she wanted — one in which she was financially stable, available to her son, and able to take him around the world.

‌Determined, Reelika Schulte searched for an answer, and she eventually discovered coaching. At the time, she was newly married, had just moved to the U.S., and was raising a child. In the fray of it all, starting a coaching business amidst it was intimidating — but not as much as the thought of working in a cubicle for 40 years or missing out on time with her son. 

‌With some trepidation, Reelika dove in headfirst to start coaching. In less than a year, she quit her corporate job and made more than six figures by the end of the first year. Coaching allowed Reelika and her husband to pay off debt, give back to others, enjoy being a family, and work 30 hours or less per week. 

Reelika Schulte’s story is motivating. It shows that, regardless of one’s background or circumstances, lifestyle design is achievable by anyone. You can follow her path with the steps below.

Clarify Your Niche

When starting their business, many coaches assume that having broad expertise is the answer. By having the skills necessary to help many people, you should be able to attract a wide variety of clients.‌ 

‌This strategy can backfire, though. Being a jack of all trades typically means being a master of none. Your clients need a master in their niche to learn from — that’s who they look to hire. They want someone who understands what they need and can provide help. It’s better to pick one group to help and master their needs than to try to master them all.

There’s a reason behind this approach. In order to attract your target audience, your message and services need to speak directly to their pain points. For example, if you’re a health coach, you’ll want to be clear about the group of people you desire to help. If your goal is to help moms maintain healthy dietary and exercise habits after having a baby, your message won’t be tailored to overworked executives. It needs to be clear that you serve new moms, and it’s crucial that potential clients feel as if your message truly speaks to them.

‌Take some time to get very clear on your niche. What do you really have to offer, and who can you help? Once you’ve determined this, you can market to — and attract — those who can fully utilize your coaching.

Create Your Signature Offering

After clarifying your niche, determine what your clients need and create a package to fill that need. Do some market research to ensure your offer stands out among the rest.

‌Make sure to put a premium price tag on your offer. Many people assume that you need to charge less to attract more clients, but the opposite is actually the case. Coaching is about more than simply having a chat with your client. For real transformation, you and your client will need to dig deep and develop solutions that impact their health, life, business, and/or relationships. Just one talk isn’t going to provide the changes they seek.

‌As the coach, you need the price of your package to provide you with the freedom of having time to dive deep. Charging by the hour can strip you of this freedom. It makes the clock your master, leaving little time for real, deep work with your clients. Instead, create a unique coaching package to get results in your niche.

‌A premium price tag makes you the master of your time with clients. It also prevents you from spreading yourself too thin by having to take on too many clients at once. And thanks to you being able to really focus on your clients, they’ll typically end up with results far greater than the price they pay. If a client gets a promotion and ends up with an increased salary, it’s been more than worth it for them.

Build Organic Relationships

Social media is a giant, and it’s crucial that you use it to network and build organic relationships. It provides your audience an opportunity to get to know you and to build trust in the relationship. It’s much more than sales — it’s about building your tribe.

‌It takes time to build these relationships, though, and it takes even more time to learn how to work on each platform. Achieving real results requires more than throwing up a few posts. You have to establish trust and likeability through organic interactions with your ideal clients. This means being active and engaged on the platforms.

‌Since it’s a commitment, diving headfirst into every platform isn’t a good strategy. Start by choosing only one or two platforms that you enjoy and where you know your clients will be. Learn these platforms inside and out — focus on building your reputation and your following. Once you’ve dominated those platforms, you can choose to add more.

Put Systems in Place

It can be difficult to focus on your clients when you have to manage hundreds of tasks to keep your business running. Relieve some of this strain by automating as much work as you possibly can.

‌Some business-building steps require an active presence, such as engaging with your audience on social media. However, there are many systems you can put in place to keep your business running and your relationships blooming 24/7. 

‌For example, you can set up automated webinars and evergreen sales funnels to attract your target audience. They can then enroll at any time, learn about your services from the prerecorded webinar, and then sign up — all while you sleep or manage other parts of your business. These automated systems save time and money while providing your clients with information when they need it. 

Diversify Your Income

Don’t rely solely on your active coaching. In addition to your one-on-one and group coaching packages, you should aim to build passive income streams to diversify your revenue. 

‌For example, turn your content into one or perhaps several self-study courses. Package up training videos and other materials that can solve a specific pain point, provide quick wins, and help your audience grow their business.

‌Create several self-study courses or one comprehensive course, charging anywhere from $27 to $997. You’ll earn income from something you only had to create once, and they can be purchased any time without having to provide hands-on coaching. Additionally, they’re great options for clients who may not be ready to invest in private coaching. 


Reelika Schulte is dedicated to empowering others to build thriving coaching businesses online and to live their best life right now — not someday down the line. She provides a free masterclass in which she teaches how to build an evergreen, six-figure coaching business with premium packages and passive income streams. Sign up for her free masterclass so you can begin to live the life you dream of now. You can also follow her on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.‌

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