The 12-Inch Rule Of Leadership – A Breakthrough Revolution In Leadership Management

October 13 02:27 2021
The 12-Inch Rule Of Leadership - A Breakthrough Revolution In Leadership Management

When a Wall Street executive takes up the pen and writes about his learnings from 20 years of experience of working with top executives and researchers, you know there is something big coming.

Dr. Kaliym A Islam has been associated with academia and industry for a long time. His consultancy and training platform has impacted thousands of emerging leaders. He has developed a 12-Inch rule leadership framework that enables emerging leaders to understand and execute adaptive leadership skills.

The book addresses the common challenges faced by leaders every day in every part of the world. It shows how successful leaders have dealt with uncertainty and change while adhering to their original vision.

As we know that walking the walk is more important than talking the talk, Dr. Kaliym has shared the success stories of the people who have trained in the lessons of the 12-Inch rule and how it has changed their organization and personal lives the better. The proof of success in the cases discussed in the book is enough evidence for adopting the 12-Inch rule in your life as well.

The book is a wonderful guide for followers and leaders because it provides a free leadership assessment tool to analyze your abilities as a leader and identify the skills you need to develop or revisit to establish yourself as a future leader.

As the world struggles with the pandemic, it is even more important to gear up and read about leading the world in times of uncertainty.

The 12-Inch Rule Of Leadership – A Breakthrough Revolution In Leadership Management is published by TrainingPro Academy.

ISBN: 1736916009

Published: May 24, 2021

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