Mindracer Consulting Launches Fractional VP of Sales Services That Drive Business Growth

October 06 21:11 2021
Mindracer’s timely launch of fractional sales leadership services aims to help businesses overcome challenges and maximize sales efforts.

Many small and midsized businesses (SMB) do not have the resources or the expertise to develop an effective sales process or build a thriving sales team. With the pandemic bringing an unprecedented economic crisis, these businesses find themselves even more unsure of how to scale and boost their sales, and their stressed owners are finding they are short on time to focus on building a solution. Mindracer Consulting aims to mitigate this problem with their newly upgraded Fractional VP of Sales Services.

“For small to medium-sized businesses, Mindracer solves the obstacle of revenue growth with limited resources by leveraging fractional sales leadership,” says the team from Mindracer Consulting.

Much like a Fractional CFO, or Fractional CMO, A Fractional VP of Sales is an experienced sales management executive that CEOs can hire to provide executive-level sales leadership without incurring the cost of hiring the executive full-time. While Fractional VP of Sales is still a new concept in B2B, Mindracer Consulting confidently provides the high-impact solutions SMBs need to overcome their sales challenges, on a cost-effective fractional basis. Businesses can expect to improve team efficiency, boost conversion rates, increase revenue, and ultimately consistently grow their business despite the challenging economic landscape.

In particular, a Mindracer Consulting VP of Sales delivers the experience and time needed to lead the sales team to capitalize on market opportunities and accomplish growth strategy goals. They develop efficient and repeatable sales processes, implement methodologies and technologies, close sales skill gaps through training and oversee the hiring and development of the growing sales team. Most importantly, they minimize the risk of failure while keeping investment levels low.

Mindracer Consulting uses a four-stage approach in helping SMBs refine their sales process and achieve their growth goals – review, refine, rollout, and replace.

The review phase involves gathering business information, defining goals, and giving feedback to the client. Mindracer Consulting will refine existing sales processes and ensure that they’re fully supported and executed while introducing any systemic or technology efficiencies available. The rollout phase is all about providing the clients the help they need to maintain focus and performance during this critical growth period. Once everything’s running smoothly, the replace phase happens. Mindracer Consulting VP of Sales will support the handover of the sales leadership position to someone from within the client’s business, or support the interviewing and onboarding of an external candidate.

Mindracer Consulting works closely with clients to develop the most effective processes and structures that bring maximum results. Mindracer supports the Fractional VP of Sales with both a Sales Operations and a Marketing team, enabling them to remove any friction with ongoing technology implementations and management of technology such as CRM’s and sales tech, and by supporting marketing projects that the internal team does not have time to deliver.

To learn more visit, http://www.mindracerconsulting.com/.

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Mindracer Consulting is a business consulting firm based in New York City. It provides effective sales solutions and the experienced leadership team that is required to help businesses reduce sales risks, overcome challenges, improve order values, and win more clients. Since its establishment in 2014, Mindracer Consulting has helped B2B companies in the US, the UK, and Australia increase their sales.

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