Enrollsy, Inc. Is Building The Complete Enrollment Operating System

September 13 16:18 2021
Enrollsy’s advanced cloud software makes enrollment easy for everyone.

Enrollment is not just for schools. Enrollment is for any organization that requires a recurring and ongoing exchange of information or payment. When this is done incorrectly, the business’s operations suffer. However, Enrollsy’s innovative technology provides a convenient solution to this problem. It allows organizations to automate the collection of enrollment data and streamlines payment and other related processes to ensure efficient work operations.

According to an Enrollsy representative, “You won’t find a more flexible and customizable solution for running your enrollment-based or instructor-led business.” With Enrollsy’s complete enrollment operating system many aspects of the enrollment process become simpler. Its fully integrated features bring your data sources into one place to ensure a seamless connection of information. It gets rid of the biggest roadblocks in time management, accuracy, and efficiency.

Much more than a custom form builder, Enrollsy automates the agreement or contract process by prefilling these and other documents with data provided by the customer during enrollment. These prefilled documents are presented to the customer for e-signature. When signed, the final versions are brought back into a sophisticated document management tool. Since Enrollsy is device-agnostic, enrollees can complete enrollment and e-sign forms on any device.

Businesses can also collect and organize enrollee data on any device anywhere with internet access. Enrollee data along with custom and canned reports give businesses insight on how to take advantage of opportunities and solve current challenges.

Enrollsy has different views for organizing enrollee data. One is the Table view. It allows businesses to download some or all enrollee or account holder data, send SMS or email one or all enrollees, view account balance, and see available payment methods.

Another is the Programs view. It allows businesses to create classrooms (or other custom grouping names), assign instructors (or coaches, teachers, tutors, managers, etc.) , print rosters, and reassign or re-enroll an enrollee. Other views included in Enrollsy are leads, activities, billing, and forms view. All of these are designed to make client interaction easier and more meaningful.

Aside from data collection and client relationship management, Enrollsy also deals with payments. It uses point-to-point encryption that allows clients to securely deal with finances without using any other interface or gateway. This means providing receipts, refunds, and other payment-related tasks are done directly through Enrollsy. Payment options are flexible to accommodate unique client situations.

Furthermore, Enrollsy has weekly product updates. This provides existing users with ever-evolving features that continuously boost operational efficiency and drive value to the business.

Learn more about Enrollsy and how it can work with your business’s specific needs at https://www.enrollsy.com/.

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Enrollsy is a comprehensive enrollment operating system that provides innovative solutions to data entry, bill payment, client communication, class management, e-signatures, and more.

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