INS Ushers In New Wave of Fashion After Forging Strong Alliance With the Affiliate Community of Impact

March 02 01:09 2021
Global fast fashion e-commerce retailer has partnered with Impact to increase customers’ accessibility to fashion via the Internet.

1 Mar, 2021 –, a worldwide clothing brand that promotes body positivity, inclusivity, and individuality, is excited to announce its recent partnership with Impact, an affiliated community specializing in helping companies find their voice and share their story. INS prides itself on its community partnerships and the wide array of influencers that stand by and promote the brand. Partnerships like this emphasize the strong alliance between the Internet and social media marketing and fast fashioned brands like INS and constitute the new future of fashion.

Founded by a group of creators and clothing designers, has come a long way from its humble beginnings as an Italian Design Institute. INS was created to make designer clothing for the people, by the people, and of the people. INS works tirelessly to research the hottest trends to manufacture and trendy clothes at affordable prices to customers around the world.

The INS business model covers the entire lifecycle of fashion production, starting with design and including manufacture, logistics, and distribution. This allows INS to constantly live up to its promise of high-quality, expertly made clothing products. INS offers evening wear, loungewear, and everything in between, including shoes, bags, and other accessories. The selection is on-trend, updated frequently to evolve as quickly as fashion does, and affordable. With designers working collectively across the globe, INS provides fresh, unique, stylish clothes that anyone passionate about fashion will be excited about.

With the slogan “You are real & Unique”, INS is eager to continue growing and fostering its relationship with Impact. To learn more about INS, please click here.

About INS:

The INS team of talented professionals with many years in fashion management works tirelessly and collaboratively with world-class manufacturers and designers to reach new heights in the world of fashion and to share their innovative fashion and strong values with women across the globe.

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