delyght introduces innovative, artistic, modular wall light at an affordable budget, on Kickstarter.

November 26 21:36 2020

delyght is a one-of-a-kind, easily customizable artistic wall light made with premium quality LED strips with a shelf-life of 10 years.

Germany-based delyght has recently launched a unique wall light that is easily customizable as per the user’s specific moods and tastes and doesn’t break the bank. Titled “delyght,” the light promises excellent durability, with a shelf-life stretching up to 10 years.

The FIRST of its kind delyght embodies an exclusive blend of art, customization, and affordability. The light is flanked by an interchangeable surface that can be exchanged as per the user’s specific mood or décor needs of the day. These interchangeable surfaces come in different “sustainable” materials, ranging from pressed hay to stone to wood to metal. 

“delyght scales individualization to newer heights with artsy customizable lamps which can render a unique edge to your home or office. It’s the ONLY modular lamp in the world that gives you a one-of-a-kind piece to meet your individual needs. This innovative luminous unit will complement your unique personality and shine it at every corner of your space more than any other lamp in the current market today. And yes, despite its advanced customization feature and artistic profile, this designer lamp is always well within your budget”, stated Dennis Riesche, from delyght.

A major USP of delyght is its customizable slide-in backlit module, enabling users to deck up the light with an image of your choice. Users can make their prints here or can display their favorite personal photos as well. 

Speaking on, Riesche stressed on empowering delyght units with premium LED strips that boast a solid lifetime of 50,000h. The light promises a shelf-life of 10-long-years; if used 24/7, the light guarantees a shelf-life of a minimum of 6 years.

Top features of delyght:

  • The slide-in module can be easily changed as per preferred moods and décor need with a simple one-click mechanism.
  • Interchangeable surface made of sustainable materials for eco-friendly operation
  • Interchangeable surfaces can be rotated (up to 90 degrees) or changed in seconds without the need for tools.
  • Premium quality lamp body made of aluminum and stainless steel
  • High performance LED can be operated via remote control.
  • Easy wall mount with just two screws
  • High durability with an assurance of 10 years of shelf-life

“A cutting-edge artsy piece, delyght espouses contemporary design with advanced modular technology to ensure maximum possible individuality, right from the choice of surface materials to design of the slide-in module. Besides, unlike regular designer lamps, delyght does not compel you to shell out a small fortune and comes in a rather budget range. However, such a high-profile project demands robust backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring delyght to life and make your rooms even more beautiful.”

To learn more, or show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter campaign here:

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