How the Music Industry is Going to Evolve. ESC: to a Button of Fame

November 25 17:12 2020
“Ordinary is not cool”

Let’s first talk about who ESC: to a button of fame are, and what their goals are. ESC: to a button of fame was born from the idea that the music industry is a really hard place to succeed, people struggle day after day to get their music out there, and if they accomplish this, it’s very hard, if not impossible for it to go viral.

ESC: to a button of fame main goal is to help all those small, medium, and big talents with their artistic careers. They truly believe that anyone with talent, consistency, sacrifice, effort and the right help, can succeed in their dreams. They help talents like singers, producers, engineers, and writers. They’re method consists in guiding them in the hole process, starting from the creative process of a song, to the process after the release of the song. This includes the promotion, interviews, events, and more.

After a lot of investigation ESC: to a button of fame concluded that big music labels, are doing their process to get signed harder every day, and because of that, many talents get frustrated, and they even get to the point of abandoning their dreams because of the rejection of these labels.

ESC: to a button of fame truly believes that with their guidance, artists will accomplish their artistic and personal goals. They help their artists to understand that everything in life, including music, carries a process and it is as important to enjoy the process as to enjoy the final result. This is something many people do not get and this is exactly why they suffer in this process.

ESC: to a button of fame founders, Manuel Cossio, Alejandro Sodi, and Rodrigo Espino, are inviting everyone reading this article to keep fighting for their dreams and to keep their hopes up. There is always someone, in this case ESC: to a button of fame willing to help in the process.

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