CandyCare Stretch Marks Repair Cream Rejuvenates Women with Mummy Tummy

October 31 18:45 2020

Stretch marks have been a constant frustration for moms and moms to be. Mercifully, CandyCare, a brand from Europe, has come to the rescue.

Stretch marks appear mainly on the abdomen, but may also occur on the inner and outer thighs as well as buttocks. The formation of stretch marks is mainly associated with hormonal changes during pregnancy. The sudden expansion of abdomen causes damage in skin’s elastic and collagen fiber, and consequently the appearance of atrophic bands. After childbirth, these atrophic bands become stretch marks, which are usually accompanied by sagging skin, abdominal ptosis and fat accumulation on the abdomen.

Without proper intervention, stretch marks will stay forever. That’s why CandyCare has developed a stretch mark repair cream with a wide range of ingredients, avoiding where possible ingredients that can cause allergies. The formula has been adjusted repeatedly to achieve the best possible repair results with the least possible side effects on the skin.

Some scars can through treatment be relieved and eventually disappear, such as stretch marks. CandyCare is EU approved with its product efficacy clinically tested. Its Stretch Marks Repair Cream has been tested by thousands of volunteers. A wide range of factors have been taken into consideration when choosing volunteers, incl., among others, time of scar formation, age at the time of pregnancy, first-time moms or moms with multiple births.

CandyCare Stretch Marks Repair Cream is able to rejuvenate skin and let scars heal on their own. As skin gradually becomes tighter, scars will fade, till they slowly eventually disappear. The affected skin usually suffers from hyperpigmentation and looks dull compared to healthy skin. CandyCare inhibits the formation of melanin from deep within and helps restore healthy skin. 

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