Low Income Relief Helps Low Income Americans Save Money & Get Free Stuff

October 26 21:03 2020
Low Income Relief Helps Low Income Americans Save Money & Get Free Stuff
Low Income Individuals and Families Can Find Help at LowIncomeRelief.com

Low Income Relief has helped millions of people across America make ends meet. This service empowers low income individuals and families to help themselves by providing detailed information about the resources, benefits and programs they may qualify for.

Some of Low Income Relief’s most popular content helps readers obtain low-cost Internet, get free museum admission with their EBT cards, and obtain free or low-cost veterinary services. The site also connects readers with free school supplies, free Christmas gifts, and so much more. All of the information is available free at LowIncomeRelief.com.

Although Low Income Relief wasn’t formally established until 2013, the story behind the service began much earlier.

In 2007, Thelin’s husband was abruptly discharged from the US Army due to a medical condition. Seemingly overnight, they found themselves living on the wrong coast without any income whatsoever. After moving back home to the West Coast, they found themselves on the brink of homelessness. That’s when Thelin learned how about low income housing, Section 8, and other critical resources for the first time.

“When I was in crisis, these resources were difficult to find… but I was astonished at how much help existed once I was able to find it,” Thelin said. “That’s why I started Low Income Relief. I wanted to help other people who were similarly desperate situations find these resources easily.”

Low Income Relief now serves millions of people every year. The research team is continuously researching new programs, adding new information and fact-checking older articles to ensure accuracy.

“The absolute best part of my job is the positive feedback I receive,” Thelin said, pointing to the hundreds of testimonials and thank-you notes she has received over the years. “There’s Maci in California, who saved $110 per month on her Internet bills. There’s Velda in Florida, who was able to use our resources to get an affordable well pump replacement. Many people have sent me pictures of their families enjoying museums they couldn’t afford otherwise. It’s an absolute joy to read the feedback we get from our audience.”

Of course, the pandemic has created an extra burden on Low Income Relief’s small research team. More and more families are experiencing poverty, some for the first time, and the demand for helpful information has never been greater.

As a result, Thelin has turned to automation to make this information more accessible than ever. Lira, a new chatbot featured on the Low Income Relief Facebook page, helps readers find resources with just a few clicks. Low Income Relief has also implemented a text subscription service that can be accessed by sending the message GETHELP to 31996.

“Our first and only goal will always be to serve those who need it most,” said Thelin. “Every single day, I wake up overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to have such a positive impact on so many people’s lives, all across America.”

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Low Income Relief is a free information service that helps millions of people across America save money and get free stuff.

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