The Gift Card Project Plans to Place Vending Machines in Major US Cities to Help the Homeless

April 28 17:12 2020

The Gift Card Project is working to place vending machines filled with basic necessities like food and toiletries for the homeless by 2025 according to founder Ryan Bilodeau.

Ryan Bilodeau recently stated, “Those without a place to call home are struggling at this very moment, and we at The Gift Card Project feel responsible to help them. The homeless are facing bad weather, hunger, health issues and so much more. We’re hoping to stock our vending machines with everything from ibuprofen to blankets.”

The Gift Card Project has thus far been an idea about and approach to fighting homelessness that values subsidiarity and individual action by enlisting volunteers in every community to bring gift cards to local fast food restaurants while looking out for the homeless. Central to The Gift Card Project is a willingness not only to give the homeless practical help in the form of those gift cards, but also to have a conversation with the person. Too often those living on the streets feel a loss of dignity resulting from their tragic situation. The Gift Card Project attempts to remind each person of his or her dignity and beauty in spite of a temporary difficulty.

In 2025, however, The Gift Card Project hopes to transition to a system by which items in the vending machines can be unlocked by our official gift cards that sync to our vending machines full of items like food, water, pre-loaded phones and other necessities.

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