BluCollr Is Changing The Way Working People Find Work

April 28 00:12 2020
From carpenters to bartenders, BluCollr is helping men and women of the skilled trades, general labor and service industries make the employment connections they need.

BluCollr, an employment social network, provides a much-needed improvement to the way men and women of the skilled trades, general labor and service industries find employment, hire workers and connect online.

Starting with a free BluCollr portfolio, users can select the category that best describes their industry. From carpenters to mechanics, farm hands to bartenders, BluCollr helps users make the employment connection they need. It’s also a great place to keep the most valuable parts of your professional history in one convenient, easily accessible place.

For employees, BluCollr provides a one-stop hub for finding your next job, sharing your expertise and connecting with industry professionals. For employers, hiring your next employee has never been easier with access to profiles outlining professional experience, skills, certifications and referrals all in one place.

Since the company’s inception in 2018, Chris Lawrence has served as BluCollr’s Head of Business Development and Marketing, while Chris Carsten has served as BluCollr’s Head of Operations and Strategy. Together, the founders have decades worth of cumulative experience working (and looking for work) in industries ranging from general construction to food service.

Chris Lawrence shared “we seek to be the premier employment social network for the skilled trades, general labor and service industries by providing a unique, digital environment specifically designed to meet the human resource needs of these industries.”

Chris Carsten added “we also strive to serve as a catalyst for developing the next generation of skilled and general laborers by providing a modern means for young people to explore the vast opportunities in these industries, connect with veteran tradespeople and discover entry-level and apprenticeship opportunities online.”

BluCollr has taken a calculated approach to user growth thus far, focusing first on the markets least affected by the Winter season. As such, the platform has grown their user base significantly in California, Florida and Texas. For both employees and employers, this initial growth has served as a strong foundation for year-round opportunities.

In 2020 and beyond, BluCollr is seeking continued growth in their existing markets while expanding to new regions throughout the United States. Based in New York, the platform recognizes key opportunities close to home with goals of expansion in the North East. In addition to skilled trades and service industries, BluCollr is well positioned to address the seasonal challenges faced by employees and employers alike.

About BluCollr

BluCollr started with a simple question: why isn’t there an employment social network for manual labor industries? Since 2018, BluCollr has become a premier employment platform providing much-needed improvements to the way men and women of the skilled trades, general labor and service industries find employment, hire workers and connect online.

To learn more about BluCollr, the company can be contacted via email at [email protected] or you can visit their website and sign up today.

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