Miami FL Locksmith: Bad Weather And Late Time Are Normal Working Conditions In The Locksmith Business

April 23 17:32 2020
Most people come to Miami for the weather. Normally mild all year long and even in the summer because of the relative proximity to the ocean, the opportunity for bad weather always exists.

Local locksmith of Miami David Shtelzer and Good Lock, Inc., find it is normally during this time that many people need the assistance of a competent locksmith. However, bad weather is a rare thing. What is much more common for a locksmith is to be called out late at night or early in the morning.

“Most people step out of the home late at night or early in the morning for any number of reasons. Sometimes it is to get the paper or possibly have a cigarette. Either way, they are locked out on accident. This is when we get the majority of our calls,” said Shtelzer.

Shtelzer will arrive on scene for the customer, unlock the door and often will stay around long enough to offer key duplication service for the residents of Miami. He then gives the customer suggestions on where to hide a key that is obscure and not easy to find.

“It is best to get that information in person and not share it online or outloud. Suffice to say, there are plenty of ways to do this,” said Shtelzer, “but a residential locksmith in Miami, FL, has plenty of good hiding places for Miami residents to hide a key.”

Good Lock, Inc., offers plenty of lock choices, including some of the finest designer locks for finer homes and businesses in the Miami area. It’s for a reason Good Lock has been recognized as one of the best locksmiths in the area for many years now.

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