While Some Roofers Have Closed Due To COVID, Some Roofing Contractors In Aurora CO Are Gearing Up For The Next Storm Season Ahead

April 22 21:58 2020

It’s no secret that we’re all sitting ducks, waiting for COVID to clear out of the environment, so we majority of us can get back to work, and providing for our families.

We’re all in this together, and what we’ve seen since COVID “stay in” orders, is a ton of businesses shutting their doors, laying off employees, and going belly up with not being able to work or produce an income.

We’re losing our human potential to COVID and it’s very disheartening, however, while many home improvement companies, such as Roofers have shut their doors, laid off employees and are literally shuttering away from people, there are some roofing contractors in Aurora CO, who are standing strong and are preparing in advance, to help homeowners get the maximum compensation for their homes, due to storm damage repair, like hail damage, which hits Colorado every year between May and August.

One such company, owned by Aurora native Bill Powell, is promoting themselves as commercial and residential roofing contractors in Aurora CO, who are ready and able to help you file a claim for damages, inspect your roof and house to determine overall repairs, and work with your Insurance providers to ensure you get your roof back to a stable provider of warmth and protection for your family, and we caught up to Bill the owner and asked him what he has to say about the current times.

We discovered that he believes wholeheartedly that we will all pull through these time times together, and just because our incomes and working lives are threatened, people still need a roof over their heads, and when that comes under attack from nature and unexpected storms, you can rest assured that he will be ready and willing to help you get back to a peace of mind where living under your roof isn’t up for question or concern.

Whether you’re looking for commercial roofing, or residential roof repairs and replacements, you can count on roofing contractors in Aurora CO, like Bill Powell, of Falcon’s Eye Roofing & Construction, LLC to be ready to answer the phone and help you file an insurance claim and get your roof repaired quickly.

So, while the rest of the world is in “hiding”, in the home improvement industry, at least knowing that some roofing contractors in Aurora CO, are still ready to help you, when the time comes for it.

It provides homeowners with a deep level of peace and comfort in knowing that while most everyone is out of work, or shuttering due to COVID, you can still rely on getting fast and effective work done on your house or commercial building, when the time comes for it, through Falcon’s Eye and its crew.

Put your trust in the best roofing contractors in Aurora CO and learn more about them below.

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