Replace or Repair The Air Conditioner In 2020 – An Easy Choice

April 22 21:09 2020
Replace or Repair The Air Conditioner In 2020 - An Easy Choice

Jason Grooms, owner Absolute Climate Control
Jason Grooms wants to help people know what to do with their aging air conditioners

CLERMONT, GA With hot and humid temperatures just around the corner, Jason Grooms of Absolute Climate Control wants people to stay comfortable and cool.

Have you ever had your air conditioning quit on you in the summer?” Grooms asks. There are numerous issues this situation creates in the typical home.” During the hot months, a malfunctioning air conditioner means the heat inside of homes increases. As people are used to colder conditions for sleep and everyday life, many find the change of climate unbearable and mentally and physically exhausting.

A sudden breakdown of airflow devices in homes can come with a high cost, as well. Emergency calls increase the price of repairs or replacements dramatically,” explains Grooms. Most companies have people available at all hours, but there are extra fees that come along with getting our workers out into the field after hours.” Homeowners also have to compete with others who are experiencing the same setbacks at their homes. Repairing an AC unit in the middle of a heatwave can mean increased delays and long waits.

Many home service companies recommend getting your heating, and cooling units looked at before the change of the seasons. One of the best ways to ensure your home stays comfortable during the summer is to get regular maintenance on your air conditioner,” says Grooms. When the temperatures are high, your units are working hard. Its common for older units to overheat or stop working because of the output demands.” Regular maintenance can help homeowners discover issues before they become significant and damaging problems. Like any machine, the climate control systems in our home need fine-tuning to stay efficient and productive.  

Grooms says that people can save money by taking care of their air conditioners. We want to provide over the top service to our customers, educating them to make the best decisions for their homes,” explains Grooms. Some homeowners are using outdated units to cool their homes. If an air conditioner is over ten years old, it probably costs people a lot of money,” says Grooms. Older models are much less efficient than newer ones. Older AC units consume more power, provide less cooling, and have declined in performance over the years.”

Grooms shows us the system his company, Absolute Climate Control, uses to determine whether they should replace or repair a unit. If the unit is over ten years old, and the cost of repair is above 50% of what it would cost for a new unit, we recommend that people invest in a new air conditioner,” Grooms lays out. Over time, the savings will make the cost worth it, but we never pressure anyone to make that decision. A good company will always help the customer know what is best in their current situation.”

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