A Collection of Poetic Psalms, Featured in New Book by Jeremiah Stephens, Helps People Navigate Life and Reignite Relationships with God

April 21 00:12 2020

20 April, 2020 – Jeremiah Stephens, a passionate author, and Christian is inspiring people around the world with the release of his new book, “No Greater Love, No Greater Sacrifice: A Collection of Poetic Psalms.” Now available on Amazon, “No Greater Love, No Greater Sacrifice” is helping people navigate the struggles and tribulations of life by encouraging the redevelop of relationships with God and their destiny.

Inspired by Jeremiah’s spiritual upbringing and Christian roots, “No Greater Love, No Greater Sacrifice” is written in a contemporary manner to promote accessibility for readers of all backgrounds around the world. Focused on helping people connect with themselves to discover the personal value at every turn, readers will find a light to overcome challenges and find a way forward without imitation or strict adherence to standard practices amongst the masses. Reigniting a belief and trust in God’s plan, this book is encouraging people around the world to be themselves and embrace their unique and valuable talents.

“No Greater Love, No Greater Sacrifice” features a multitude of poems where the focus is on God and how much love He has for everyone. Including short stories and reflections that develop themes from each poem, readers gain inspiration to reconnect with themselves and their relationship with God, and to trust in His plan and their destiny while navigating life. Inspiring readers with themes of love, courage, and perseverance, “No Greater Love, No Greater Sacrifice” proves to be the perfect guide to navigating life and finding the courage to overcome.

“No Greater Love, No Greater Sacrifice” is currently available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle digital formats. To learn more, or to get your copy of Jeremiah’s exciting new book today, please visit Amazon here.

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Jeremiah Stephens is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A passionate reader and writer, Jeremiah is a fan of the Green Bay Packers and enjoys traveling, programming, investing, and spending time with his wife in his free time. Jeremiah has a Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems – Web Application Development at Boston University – Metropolitan College.

To learn more, please visit JeremiahStephens.com or connect with Jeremiah on Twitter @JeremySteph.

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