Damon Mitchell takes the listeners on a nostalgic ride with his mesmerizing voice

April 20 08:58 2020

Damon Mitchell proved his talent as an artist with the release of his debut CD “Elise”, that featured a perfect balance of sounds inspired by the classic singers of the past, and contemporary music. He is bringing the nostalgia back with his latest mixtape called The Oswego Tapes, where he shows his remarkable vocal delivery, carefully measured cadence and impeccable songwriting skills. The song “Mean it” begins with slow and steady rhythms, before proceeding to upbeat guitar riffs throughout, and Damon’s smooth-flowing voice. “Lipstick Stain” on the other hand, is a laid back song, with soft, acoustic guitar riffs and effortless vocal delivery by the artist.

One of the music journalists described Damon as “A well-crafted cross between The Beatles and Death Cab for Cutie”, and perfectly so, considering his unique fusion of influences from past and present representing his signature style. Damon also appeared on stage as a guest guitarist/vocalist with America on their timeless hit “Horse with No Name”, paving way for reaching further heights in the industry.

Growing up, Damon saw his family’s gospel band perform all over the city that instilled a love for music in him. As a teenager, he joined various rock bands and finally ended up pursuing music as a solo artist. Reminiscing his childhood love for music, Damon states, “At the age of two years old, my father showed me a VHS of the band ‘Chicago,’ performing at the Greek Theatre. It must have deeply resonated within me because I’ve wanted to do that ever since.”

He further adds, “Musically, I strive to maintain the integrity of great writers, especially those of the ’60s and 70’s such as Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Burt Bacharach, etc., while adding modern lyrical influences of writers such as Benjamin Gibbard and Isaac Brock.”

Damon frequently collaborates with other musicians to bring fresh new sounds and style to his music. Over the years, he has shared the stage with some of the most prominent artists of the industry.

Listen to his latest music project on Spotify.com.

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